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This is Everything You Need to Know
and Do About a Lost Paycheck

Lost Paycheck

Losing a paycheck is devastating. Thankfully, it's not lost forever.

You're not the first employee to lose a paycheck. Workers lose paychecks every day. Paychecks are accidentally thrown away, lost in the mail, sent to the wrong address, and yes, stolen.

If any of the above happens to you, the first thing you need to remember is to stay calm. Panicking makes any stressful situation worse.

However, you must act fast if you want your funds as quickly as possible. Follow these steps to recover a lost paycheck.

Tell Your Boss

After losing a paycheck, tell your employer as soon as you can. They'll need to cancel your check before issuing you a new one. Employers who mail paychecks may require you to wait a few business days before reporting.

Rest assured, most employers have quick protocols in place for dealing with lost checks. Some companies may send out replacement ones quicker than others. Either way, you'll have to wait a bit for your new check.

What If You Find Your Lost Paycheck?

What if that lost paycheck isn't so lost after all? This instance wouldn't be the first time a missing check turned up, but what's the protocol?

Like the first time around, notify your employer as soon as you find your check. There may be enough time to cash your check before your boss cancels the payment with the bank. Otherwise, you'll need to wait for the new check to arrive.

Don't cash a canceled paycheck at the bank. Try to return it to your boss (or HR department) as soon as possible. You can also void out the check by writing "void" across the front.  

If you want to avoid the hassle of lost checks, ask your boss to use direct deposit instead. Most employers have this option available. 

What to Do About Lost Pay Stubs

Missing paychecks are one thing, but what do you do about lost paystubs? You may need them to rent an apartment or get a line of credit.

Talk to your employer or HR manager to see if you can get a copy of your paystub. This request shouldn't be a problem; however, it may take a while to get them. Some companies have a more formal request process, while others are more relaxed.

There are some situations where you can't get a paystub directly from an employer. For example, a business may permanently close, or a former employer may have moved out of state. In these cases, it's easier to use a paystub generator online.

Paystub generators are quick. For a small fee, you can print out one in minutes. These generated paystubs are sufficient for rental and credit applications.

Hope Is Not Lost

A lost paycheck is a pain, but it's not the end of the world. Thankfully, you'll get your money in a matter of time. The sooner you act, the quicker you'll receive your funds.

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