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How Local Breweries Are Doing Better Than Corporate Ones According To Melvin Brewing

The breweries can not be kept closed for the longest of the time, but some precautionary measures had to be taken. Many of the local breweries have seen better responses than the big breweries. It is very unusual to find the big breweries not doing too well. No matter the big breweries like the Melvin Brewing will do well and there is not a second judgment about this. They are the brands that have been in the market for the longest time now but keeping aside the big brands, some of the local breweries have also experienced the happiness of rainbow even during the COVID time.

Let us see what is the new face of the breweries post-pandemic, we will try to dig to the core of the measures taken.

  1. Let me tell you that no one in the bar or the taproom actually cares about your rules. Also, no one wishes to do any controversy with you. The employees who stay in the bar and the taproom must implement the mask rules like many other such rules which have also been implemented before and we are already accustomed to those. One of the rules is also that a bar can not serve alcohol to minors, but I have never noticed this rule being followed in most cases.
  2. Don’t give lame excuses, if you are the kind of a person who enters a bar and says that you have a respiratory problem to avoid wearing a mask. It is better that you do not at all visit the bar or the taproom because you are clearly lying which is evident. It could be really harmful to the others present in the bar, so please do not be that man in the taproom. It is being highly insensitive in nature which is really unacceptable post-COVID-19.
  3. Many of the bars have made it compulsory to wear masks in the bars and the taproom, if you are the one who believes that the doctors and the scientists are fools to ask you to wear a mask then you are the biggest fool. Wearing a mask will not destroy your beauty or your enjoyment. After all you are not the flair flower that can not bear the slightest of the toughness.
  4. If you are visiting a taproom or a bar where you see that the authority has not implemented any mask rule and in fact, it is encouraging the patrons not to use a mask, then you must really question yourself about your security and safety. This must raise some more questions in your mind regarding the safety protocol of the establishment like whether the employees wash their hands and use washed chicken or sanitize the place at all.

How are the small breweries hanging in a shutdown?

In 2010, only 100 breweries were running in Washington, which has now raised into 400. There are almost 2000 breweries across the nation in 2010 and the number has now increased to almost 9000-10,000. The Brewer’s Association says that all the small breweries are actually small. About 75% of the breweries make 1000 barrels for the entire year whereas the median makes 400 barrels.

In Washington, more than 400 breweries produce almost 1000 barrels per year and it is seriously a true story. While only 12 breweries produce more than 1000 barrels in Washington.


Hence after the pandemic, I believe it is the correct time to take a stand for the independent breweries who have been putting in all their efforts but have failed. Now it is just you who stand by them and show some courage so that they do really well.

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