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Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

A genuine diamond is known as the gold standard of jewelry if you will pardon the mixed metaphor. The diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle over thousands of years, and these are the perfect all-natural symbol for pure and everlasting love as well as a shimmering gem reflecting the brightest light in our hearts.

To just as many, a diamond is also a stone mined from the Earth that carries some potential environmental and ethical baggage. However, there is the best alternative that allows you to get high-quality lab-created diamond jewelry. It is fascinating to know that the popularity of lab-created diamonds is increasing as there are being used in jewelry as an identical substitute for natural stones. The reason is that the real difference in lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is how they are made.

Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

From a molecular perspective, keep in mind that there is no difference at all. Unlike imitation stones such as zirconia and cubic that look like diamonds, lab-created diamonds have the same chemical composition as a natural diamond. However, the only difference is that natural diamonds in the ground are compacted over thousands of years. On the other hand, with man-made diamonds, ideal lab conditions are speed up the process to a few hours or days.

It is fascinating to know, and even a trained gemologist can never be able in order to perceive the difference between lab-grown as well as natural diamonds without the aid of advanced equipment. Nevertheless, there are easier ways in order to determine whether your diamond was created by humans or nature. Along with this, lab Grown diamonds Melbourne come with a certification identifying them as such. However, some manufacturers can also etch the stone with a laser inscription by clueing jewelers into their origin.

However, when it comes to lab-grown diamonds with natural diamonds, rest assured while you are buying a lab-grown diamond because you are getting a real diamond.

Keep in consideration, and lab-created diamonds have several major advantages compared to mined diamonds as well as not least of which is the ability in order to customize them by letting you find the perfect stone without having to beg.

More Affordable Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are 30%–40% less expensive rather than natural counterparts
. However, it is essential to notice that the price of mined diamonds is directly determined by fluctuations in supply as well as demand with other factors. The reason is that man-made diamonds exist outside of the supply and demand, and they are also generally priced closer to the market’s natural baseline.

Eco-Friendly Diamonds 

Although diamond mining-regulated nations include environmental safeguards and land restoration but still disrupt topsoil, wildlife in the short term, and water supply, lab-grown diamonds also remain the most eco-friendly diamonds as they help to eliminate the need for any environmental disruption.

Furthermore, you cannot create diamonds from scratch. All growing processes require the seed of an existing sample in order to initiate growth. These seeds are lab-grown diamonds, which means the process alleviates any ecological concerns you have about ring-shopping. However, sporting a lab-created diamond on your hand goes a long way toward reducing the carbon footprint.


Colored Diamonds

It is fascinating to know that lab Grown diamonds Melbourne options offer a wider selection of colored diamonds, and even hues rarely occur in nature. However, if you are looking for a stone that’s perfectly colorless and brilliantly blue, a lab-created diamond might be your best bet.

Ideal-Cut Diamonds 

If you feel that securing an ideal cut is essential to your jewelry design, lab-created diamonds allow you to get the largest selection. The reason is that the process is more controlled as well as resulting stones often grade as excellent. Furthermore, it also takes time in order to grow a large stone. Don't, so don’t expect to see a lot of large carat weights. In fact, you are allowed to get the best engagement ring according to your desire.

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