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What to Do if I Am Involved in
a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian accidents can occur anytime and anywhere -when you are crossing a street, jogging early in the morning, or going out for a walk with your dog. Getting hit by a vehicle at high speed can result in significant injuries; such injuries require immediate medical attention, while minor injuries can be dealt with first aid. 

A pedestrian accident victim may require multiple sessions of physiotherapy or hospital visits to recover completely. Moreover, they might not be able to work due to their injury, resulting in loss of income. 

In most cases, pedestrian accidents are because of the negligent driver, and the victim is in the state to get compensation for their injuries. An injury lawyer in New Hampshire helps victims of pedestrian accidents to get their rightful compensation. 

What to do after a pedestrian accident? 

Things a victim does or says after an accident significantly impact how they recover their compensation. Therefore, in this blog, we have mentioned what has to be done after a pedestrian accident. 

  • Seek immediate medical attention:

Every pedestrian accident victim should get a complete check-up to rule out any possibility of an accident. Even if you believe that your injuries are minor, you should get medical treatment. These will have two benefits. First, you will be assured that you are fine and your injuries are treated. Second, you will have a medical record stating the severity of your injuries and what has to be done next. This medical report will be highly beneficial when trying to get compensation. 

  • Record the accident:

You may take video or photographs of the accident site and your injuries. Moreover, the driver's license plate, their name, telephone number, and other vital details that you may require should be collected. Also, look out for any witnesses of the accident who can testify. All these documents, witnesses, and photographs can help you quickly get your compensation. 

  • Do not admit fault:

In some cases, a victim admits their fault and later regrets it. For example, a victim may say sorry, and I didn't see your car coming; such statements can be used later against them. Therefore, do not talk to anyone after an accident until your lawyer arrives. 

  • Look out for an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer:

An experienced lawyer can help you recover your compensation for medical bills, emotional injuries, and more. However, it would help if you were quick when contacting a lawyer, as there is a limited period in which you can file a claim; once the time runs out, you cannot file a case or receive compensation.

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