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Which Investment Options in Japan Are Worth It? A Take by Stafford Thorpe


With the yen being more affordable than ever, it can be tempting to invest in Japan now. But with a stronger yen comes higher risk. You must research which options would provide the best return on investment. As a result, Japan has become the key attraction to investors looking to make money without taking too much risk. 

However, with changing global economy and hundreds of options to invest in Japan, no wonder it takes so much time to make the right decision. But Stafford Thorpe has compiled a list of top opportunities to grab for investors looking to enter Japan with their money:

Real Estate in Japan Will Be Big Says Stafford Thorpe

If you are looking for real estate investment in Japan, Stafford Thorpe Japan advises you to consider the markets ofTokyo. This is because of the high-end market as well as the low-end market. 

With a good amount of money at your disposal, you can invest in Tokyo and capitalize on the high-end market just like the Chinese investors have done already. Alternatively, if you are not so flush with cash, there are still options for you to use to make a profit. 

The Industrial Shift of Japan as Highlighted by Stafford Thorpe

The industrial shift is a big deal in Japan. The manufacturing industry has seen many changes, including increased robotics and automation, leading to decreased employment opportunities. 

However, you should still invest in the sector. On the contrary, you should be looking at investing in companies that are involved with automation and robotics and those that are focused on pollution control technologies.

Innovation Driven by Demography

The Japanese market is currently focused on innovation, growth, and expansion, which include the demographic boom. The relatively low government debt and strong growth of the country's economy attracted many foreign investors who have been investing in Japan for years. 

This has led to a strong economy. While it may not be the most popular market with foreigners, investing here is easy because there are more opportunities than ever before.

Population & Tourism Driven Profit Play

Japan has a massive population, out of which the percentage of older adults is higher. This indicates that there is a high demand for healthcare and long-term care. That's why investing in companies related to the healthcare industry can be profitable for you.

Tourism is a big deal in Japan because of the country's beautiful, historic, and culturally significant destinations. Tourists come to visit these places, and a lot of them come to eat, shop and use Japan's transportation network. 

You can invest in companies that provide hotels, restaurants, shops, and transport infrastructure operations. So, for example, you can invest in railways, bus companies, or any related industry here.

You may have an idea about which of these options would work for you, but the good thing about Japan is that it's not only restricted to those options. You can invest in whatever you want, and many options are available here. With enough research and careful consideration, you can find the investment that might work for you.

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