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Pick Up Investment Banking Career for High Flying eJobs

Getting into investment banking (IB) is one of the most rewarding jobs in the finance industry.

Some of the popular entry-level job positions include investment banking analyst, financial analyst, financial auditor, personal financial advisor, and junior tax accountant/associate.

Despite being a competitive field, landing a career in investment banking is a dream for graduates having a finance degree. After all, this field is well known to offer whopping salaries and bonuses to those at the top-level. Or even those at the bottom rung can expect handsome salary compensation.

Not only is IB a buzz within the finance industry in India but is also known to be the most sought-after jobs amid the pandemic.

Investment banking

In simple terms, IB can be defined as a large financial institution which specifically functions in the financial area. Their expertise lies in selling securities and underwriting the issuance of equity shares which further helps companies to raise a certain amount of capital.

However, IB is totally different from commercial banking – specializes in commercial loans and deposits.

Whereas in IB, most of the activities include raising debt capital, raising equity capital, insure bonds, or launch new products.

Why a career in investment banking?

To start with, a career in the banking industry is considered lucrative in the finance world. This means, the field is high in demand and offers some of the best salary packages even at the entry-level. Most candidates can also start with an undergraduate degree; however, financial institutions still prefer candidates with post-graduate degrees (MBA, but other post-graduate degrees or Ph.D. in other fields of expertise are not uncommon) or those with investment banking certification.

Also, advanced skills in mathematics or statistics are ideal to land a career in the industry.

Job opportunities in the finance industry are plentiful. All you require is the right education and the right skillset.

Other fields in the finance industry also include portfolio management jobs, trading jobs, and corporate finance jobs.

While IB is renowned to be a blueblood profession, many investment banking professionals have been known to come from prestigious institutions. Though it has an elitist tinge, other professionals having extensive knowledge in the banking field still has a chance to enter the industry.

Some of the banking jobs are:

  • Underwriting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Venture capital
  • Private equity

Must-have skills to get into investment banking jobs

One of the many questions during an interview for an IB job includes the question, “How many jellybeans can fit in the Empire State building?”

Though it is an odd question, the employer or the recruiter asks such a question just to analyze the way the candidate thinks.

They say intellectual ability plays a major role in investment banking. And perhaps, this is the first quality most employers look for in the candidate.

  • Management and leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Networking skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills

Some of the other skills include creativity, high ethical standards, diplomacy, loyalty, and authority. Not to mention, being fluent in another language is an added advantage.

To get into banking firms, you need to first understand how investment banks recruit candidates. You need to get details about the entry points and start preparing yourself with technical skills or professional certifications. Set the right strategy (get the right educational qualification) and start focusing on mastering investment banking soft skills. Last but not the least, start applying for jobs. You can always start at the entry-level and move up the career once you’re experienced and have gained all the expertise.

Getting into the banking industry requires a lot of hard work and effort. Ensure you’re mentally prepared before entering the industry.

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