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Now Is the Time to Invest in Africa

Currently, Africa makes up 16% of the world’s population, yet has a meager 3% of global GDP share. However, things are about to change. Africa is growing faster than any other region in the world - by the year 2025, 65% of African households will be middle class - a significant accomplishment and upward trend. Also, the working-age population will be more than both China and India. Africa’s GDP will be poised to reach $4.5 trillion and is the only continent poised to be on track to reach double digit growth in the next decade.

Big tech and startups alike have embraced the African continent. From Facebook’s plans in Lagos, Nigeria for new tech hubs to the Google AI Lab in Accra, Ghana - there is a lot being poured into Africa in terms of real estate, tech innovation, and human capital.

With wondrous opportunities abounding, you might think that you’re late to the party ...but the party is only getting started! You just need a guide and know where to look. That’s why the community of Empower Africa is here for you. Learn more about why and how to invest in Africa through the visual deep dive below...

Invest in Africa
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