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Injured at Work? Here’s Why You Need an Attorney

If you have been hurt or injured at your workplace, you may be unable to conduct your routine daily tasks. Despite this, the expenses continue to pile up! It is often easy to acquire the advantages that you require and are given access to assist you through such a challenging period in your life. However, that isn't always the way. Several people have found themselves in a difficult position to receive compensation after being injured at work. So, in such cases, you need the assistance of a Reid Goodwin Attorney.

Reasons to hire an attorney

An attorney can offer you the best opportunity of receiving a mutually beneficial deal if you are hurt at your workplace. But how can you determine if you need a lawyer in the first place? When you have been hurt at work, below are a handful of reasons why you should call an attorney:

  • Employer has not submitted a workers' compensation application 

You should consider hiring a work injury attorney if you feel your employer has not applied for their insurance company workers' compensation. Your employer should report your injuries to its workers' compensation insurance provider under the worker's compensation system, which has particular rules for employers and insurance firms to help you receive the compensation benefits. The employer must provide a workers' Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1) to the injured employee. This is a warning if your employer fails to disclose a workplace injury.

  • Employer or insurance provider refuses to assist you

You must consult a workplace injury attorney when your employer or their insurance company refuses to assist you after you met an injury or accident at your job. If you are injured on the job, you are eligible for medical assistance, lost compensation, job training, as well as other perks that come under the law. As simple as that, it's meant to be. 

Unfortunately, employers often deny a compensation claim since they sometimes do not recognize that an employee was injured at work and that the damage was not job-related. A lot of valid claims are rejected by employers and workers' compensation insurers because they anticipate that several workers will not pursue legal help. As soon as your workers' compensation request is denied, you must hire a workers' compensation Reid Goodwin attorney to guarantee that your rights are protected.

  • You wish to increase the claim amount

Your company may give you fast compensation if you've been injured in the workplace. When this occurs, your compensation is often just a portion of what you are eligible to under the rules. The employer is required to pay you 2/3 of what you would have earned before the accident. If the injuries seem terrible enough and if it also appears that you will not be able to work for a long time, your employer and their insurance provider may not wish to retain you in the job or provide you with your claims since it costs them money and resources. However, an attorney can help you to increase the claim amount.

The Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, receiving workers' compensation after you've been injured in an accident at your workplace and have debts to pay is a real hassle. In addition, there is a lot of personnel with impairments who have to look after their family. So, the safest choice is to get a qualified Reid Goodwin attorney who will fight for you and your rights.

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