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How to Incorporate LLC in Nevis
and Reap Your Benefits

Incorporate LLC in Nevis

Wherever in the world you may reside, asset protection is an issue, rain or shine. Trials and legal lawsuits remain a threat for every business or property owner and it is natural that the latter feel obliged to protect the assets they hold. Shielding assets from creditors and frivolous lawsuits is made easier with the legal instruments available today. These may be Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Trusts, or any other judicial tools.

Nevis LLC advantages

  • Nevis courts recognize charging liens with a 3-year validity period as the only method creditors may use to recover assets. The fact that Nevis courts do not recognize foreign court orders including inter alia charging liens issued abroad means a creditor hoping to win a case has to seek their charging lean anew in a local Nevis court. According to the available stats, the chances for a plaintiff to win the like case in a Nevis court are close to zero due to the strong asset protection legislation in Nevis.
  • Those hotshot creditors who dare try and sue you in Nevis to get what they think is rightfully theirs will face high court fees of USD 100,000 or so, which may come as an extra scare factor to discourage them from trying.
  • Due to a stable political situation and high confidentiality secured in Nevis, LLC owners are not obliged to publicly disclose any sensitive LLC ownership information. As an extra bonus, LLC owners in Nevis face no financial reporting requirements and enjoy material tax incentives, with tax exemptions for income generated outside Nevis.
  • Short document processing times in Nevis allow for a fast and seamless LLC set up. Most commonly, LLC incorporation in Nevis takes 5 to 7 work days.
  • Nevis LLC incorporation costs are quite affordable and you won’t have to go to a great expense to set up yours. When assisted by an industry lawyer, you will pay USD 5,000 to USD 10,000 in administrative fees, incorporation charges, and related expenses to obtain the desired result, i.e., successful Nevis LLC incorporation.
  • With no limitations as to its member number, Nevis LLC allows for starting a business with 1 member or you may opt to include multiple members in your LLC.

NB: please, remember that to duly shield your assets from creditors and protect both them and yourself from any unwelcome developments at court, it is crucial that you move your assets offshore and transfer them to your LLC in Nevis well in advance and in any case before any claims are made against you in your own country.

At International Wealth, we charge the basic USD 1899+ for LLC incorporation in Nevis. The ultimate costs depend on a service package you require. Apart from free initial recommendations, the International Wealth worldly-wise consultants and industry pros offer you tailored consultations as to LLC set up in Nevis. Discomfiting questions are not an issue for us.

Incorporate LLC in Nevis

Nevis LLC incorporation procedure and requirements therefor

With the above tempting prospects in mind, setting up an LLC in Nevis sounds like a charm. Even so, it is a legal procedure and certain requirements are unavoidable. Below, you will find the ones you shall meet in order to incorporate your LLC in Nevis:

  1. Select a name for your Nevis LLC. Remember, you shall use Latin characters therefor and end the chosen LLC name with Limited Company, Limited Liability Company or abbreviations meaning the same, i.e., L.C., L.L.C., or LLC.
  2. Designate a registered agent for your LLC. The latter shall be a Nevis resident or a Nevis-based company with a Nevis address.
  3. Appoint a company manager and name its members. The former may be either yourself or any third parties, regardless of whether they are individuals or legal entities. Appointing relatives or third parties as Nevis LLC managers is more effective as it protects your Nevis LLC from creditor suits.
  4. Draw up, sign, and submit a Nevis LLC Articles of Organization to the Nevis Registrar of Companies. If your LLC has an Operating Agreement in place (which is optional), be sure to include the corresponding info into the above Articles of Organization.
  5. Feel free to draw up and sign the Operating Agreement for your Nevis LLC but only if you wish or need to, as this is not obligatory. If drawn up, the above Operating Agreement shall contain the following important information pertaining to your Nevis LLC:
    • scope of activity
    • business conduct
    • powers and/or rights of Nevis LLC managers and members.
  6. Fulfill the compliance requirements for Nevis LLCs. The latter are not many and mainly refer to book- and record-keeping. Containing information about Nevis LLC invoices and records, Nevis LLC reporting docs shall be kept for at least 5 years since the date thereof.
  7. Renew your Nevis LLC annually to keep it active. With the registration fee of USD 250 paid at the Company Registrar’s Office in Nevis, the renewal procedure does not take long at all.

LLC set up procedures in Nevis are among the fastest and the least demanding on the offshore jurisdiction list. Yet, if you are a novice entrepreneur new to the world of tax havens, offshore legislation, and company incorporation, it may be a challenge for you to handle all the related matters on your own. Do take heart and trust your worries to the best offshore industry experts out there. At International Wealth, we handle all document processing, organizational issues, and take care of any legal matters that may trigger concern. Stay hopeful, for help is within reach. To contact the International Wealth team and have your questions answered, you are welcome to use our online chat or message us at

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