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Ways to Improve Import-Export Business

Selling of the goods and services in international markets with varied customers is known as Import-Export business. To improve Import-Export business we need a good strategy for establishing good public relations and marketing, additionally there are following ways to improve and most of them can be implemented easily without much cost and this business improvement should be ongoing task. We are going to understand each in detail…

Create the company website:

A quality website is the best business card any company can make for its overall growth. We just need to keep this in mind that a good import – export business has to be developed online from finding clients to make it easy to them to find the company. International trade has to be well represented by a professional website.

Should have a catchy logo:

After the website it is important to use catchy image to represent import-export business with the original slogan to go along with the logo.

Logo and the business slogan should be on all the advertisement items. The more presence of logo in the hands & lives of the clients and potential clients there will be more chances to grow. If clients use the promotional items of the company like t-shirt, Key rings, etc it will be almost free advertisement for the company.

Develop a SEO Campaign:

SEO campaign is the heart of the import-export online marketing. Having good SEO campaign means company website will be visible a lot more online.

It is important to know what has to be done to develop a good SEO campaign –

Quality content and well chosen keywords only can make the process of developing good SEO campaign.

Backlinks can be used to advertise the content.

Be active on all the online Platforms:

After investing in website, logo and SEO campaign to support all these online work we all need to stay active online. There are many forums available online in which importers exporters can be a member to get updates on import export.

In every reply in online conversations make sure to add the website, logo, slogan for advertisement. Being active will increase the visibility online but also help to gather information about the trading.

To promote the Export business customize the products:

Give the unique name to the export products and nice slogan to the package so it will make easy to be in the mind of person who uses these products, It is important to add our own personality, name and best quality to the products rather than selling them as achieving directly from producers. 

Make great offers:

Be familiar with the offers of other exporters and understand a way to beat them. We can drop the price of the products to attract more people. Make strategy to create promotional offers. There are the potential clients who does not recall the name of business but recall the offer given.

Take the benefits of Government incentives for Import-Export:

There are the various Government schemes under which exporters can avail the incentives on eligible exports in the form of duty credit scrip which can be utilized in payment of custom duties. Advance License and EPCG license Importers can save the import duties on the raw materials and capital goods respectively. There are the following export promotion schemes...

Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS):

Under MEIS Scheme goods exporters can avail the benefits of 2% - 5% on the eligible exports of last three years from present date with late cut clause in the form of Duty Credit scrip.

Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS):

Under SEIS Scheme service exporters can avail the benefits of 3% - 7% on the notified services.

Advance Authorization (AA) Scheme:

Under Advance License import of raw materials can be done at zero custom duties to manufacture the export products.

EPCG Scheme:

EPCG License is issued to import capital goods at zero custom duty. There are various other schemes like RoSCTL, TMA, Duty Drawback under export promotion scheme.

The government approved the RoDTEP scheme (Remission of duties and taxes on the export products) will replace existing the MEIS scheme in phased manner.

Remain flexible:

We need to be flexible in import-export process – need to try export different products in different markets by bending our offers and services to fit into these markets. Exporters always need to be willing to trade a new products if finds a good market.

Participate in Import-Export fairs:

There are the various export promotion councils which organize the import export fairs. Exporters and Importers can be the member to get new opportunities and get latest information on import-export business.

Be in touch with other Import–Export Partners:

Communication can contribute the brand awareness of import–export business. Keeping the contact with our import export partners help to share important information and also develop lasting friendships. Make sure to create database to send newsletters and new opportunities to explore.

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