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How to Find and Use Coupon Codes?

Come shopping time and most people look for discounts to get the best bargain on the product they are planning to purchase. Gone are the days when hard bargaining across the counter was the order of the day. In today’s time, a shopper looks at discounts at the click of a mouse. After all, who is not greedy to save.

What Are Coupon Codes?

Merchants use coupon codes to give buyers a discount on the full price of a product. Primarily given by eCommerce websites they give purchasers a right to get a certain percentage off on the market price of a product. Therefore they cut off from the full price of an item on sale. 

Computer-generated coupons are alphanumeric. That is to say, they come as a combination of letters and numbers. Merchants give them as an incentive to, either retain old customers or lure new customers. In addition, they come to play very actively during festival time. For instance, with Christmas approaching, many merchant websites like CutFullPrice will be filled with advertisements about discounts on offer.

Why Do Merchants Offer Coupon Codes?

Merchant websites offer such codes as an incentive to customers to buy from their platforms. Big online companies like Amazon offer coupons to their customers. They play the dual role of drawing in new customers as well as retaining existing buyers. While, customers benefit since they get a cheaper price; for a seller, it is a good way to expand the customer base and advertise products.

What Are the Different Types of Coupon Codes?

  • Public Codes
    Such codes are available for use by everyone who logs in to the merchant’s website. Commonly advertised on the home page itself, any person making a purchase from the site gets the right to redeem them. 
  • Private Codes
    Specific groups of buyers are targeted with these codes. Such groups could be customers who regularly purchase from the site or buyers who are making their first purchase from the website.
  • Restricted Codes
    Merchants offer them either as an apology or thank you. For instance, a person may receive this code for the next purchase in case a consignment has been delivered late. In addition, such a code could be offered to a buyer by providing a reference.

What Do Promo Codes Offer?

Promo codes are typically a license that cuts from the full price of a product. In addition, they could offer free shipment or provide gift wrapping at no extra cost. With cut-throat competition among merchant websites, promo codes are a great marketing strategy. They are a win-win situation for both the buyer as well as the seller.

How Is it a Win-Win Situation?

Promo codes are beneficial to both the customer as well as the business windows. With the incentive provided to the purchaser of a product, such codes help merchants to not only immediately expand their business, but also act as a great marketing tool for expansion in the future. For instance, even as the buyer is happy with a cheaper price, the merchant has not only generated revenue but has also found an opportunity to expand its customer base.

In addition, promo codes are an effective tool to track the marketing of a product or the website as a whole. Such codes help in narrowing down on the products that are in demand, or the sites that have drawn interest.

How to Use Coupon Codes?

To redeem coupon codes a customer must first naturally log into a merchant website. On selecting the product he or she wishes to purchase and has an offer of a coupon code, the buyer has to fill in the alphanumeric code provided to avail of the discount. 

How to Find a Coupon Code?

Merchants advertise coupon codes on their main websites. In addition, some codes are used as a tool of marketing and are displayed on related shopping sites that direct customers to the main website.

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