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How to Register for LEI Code in UK

Are you here because you want to learn on how to register LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) code for UK based company? There are two ways you can register for a LEI code for UK based limited company. One way is to do it the offline way by registering your business in person while the second way is to do it through online means. The first is a much more time consuming process and involves directly applying for and processing your registration papers at many different offices. The second, through online registration services, takes less time and is not difficult to complete.

Many people find the online registration process and method much more convenient and practical. As with the traditional process, online registration actually achieves the same goals without having to hop from one office to another. Registering online also gives you further savings as all the registration steps can be completed without having to hire your own attorney.

The whole LEI code registration process is open, transparent and business friendly. Everything about it promotes the effective and fast formation and registration of new companies. No dubious papers are required to register LEI code for a company based in the UK, but there are certain restrictions on what is to be allowed. Also, certain companies must show that they are operating within government jurisdiction.

In the UK, the Companies Act outlines the rules and regulations that need to be followed when starting a new company, registering it or during its operation. One of the rule is that a company operating in money transaction business, should have a valid lei code.

Moreover, the Companies Act outlines the procedures that need to be followed when starting a new company, registering it or during its operation. In this section we are to see these procedures and steps.

Online LEI code registration steps

Registering LEI code for UK based company online can be done in the following simple steps:

  1. Find an online Lei code registration agency that offers the services for UK limited company registration. There are several of these companies online and it is necessary to find one that is established and reputable.
  2. You can also compare the different registration and company processing packages and their prices. Look for a business registration package that is affordable for you and your business.
  3. Express interest in a specific package (specifically the UK Limited Company Registration Package) and make the payment.
  4. You will be given all the necessary forms to fill out. These documents are required by the UK and under the Company Act 1985. Just like online Uk company registration which requires documents such as Form 10, Form 12, Articles of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association, there are also some documents required for registration of lei code. The agency undertaking to offer you the service will tell you what is required.
  5. After all of these forms are completed and signed, they can be sent electronically or by mail.
  6. You will be guided at every step by specialists from the relevant company registration authority. This way you are sure not to miss an important step when completing the registration process.
  7. Within a few hours or days, your entire company registration process is complete and complete.

Benefits of online LEI code registration for UK based company

The UK company registration process is simple and straightforward. The best part is that UK company registration can be done over the internet. Limited liability companies are the most popular vehicle for companies to conduct their business in the UK. This popularity is largely due to the limited liability of company owners. Your private wealth is separated from the business risk.


If your company is not based in the UK, you can still arrange with the Registrar to create an official address or location. This is usually done with the help of lawyers. Check with your company registration authority.

These simple steps to registering a lei code for UK limited company online can be completed with the help of a reputable company incorporation and registration agency. Look for one online so you can have the peace of mind of finally registering your own limited liability company.

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