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How Can Get Reward to Use Credit Card
in Canada and Anywhere Else?

At TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, and Sierra stores the TJ Maxx credit card is a decent option for scoring a discount. However, it does not make for a very good primary credit card but due to the low 1% rewards rate, this card gives on all other purchases. When shopping at TJ Maxx you can get this card to use, but for all your other purchases we recommended sticking to another option.

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    • 18 month BT offer – vs. Citi double Cash card
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How this card is good for:

At TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, sierra trading post stores, and Marshalls those who want to earn 5 points per dollar in Puerto Rico and the U.S. and and online at Everywhere else and in Canada earn 1 point per dollar at Marshall's. And the affiliated stores those who want a 10% coupon.

How this card is bad for:

Every day, anyone is looking for a credit card. The use of this card is bad for those people who tend to carry a balance on their credit card.


Should you apply for the TJmax credit card? At Homegoods, Marshalls, sierra stores, and TJ Maxx the TJ Maxx credit card rewards can give you a good saving but not much else. Most consumers will be better off sticking to a cashback credit card like the Citi double cash card – 18 month BT offer and the chase freedom flex for purchases outside of these stores. Even though TJ Maxx rewards the 10% discount that you can get on your first TJ Maxx credit card purchases. The TJMax credit card is not good as the bonuses through the other rewards cards that you can qualify for.

For more than one credit card remember that you always have the option to sign up. In your wallet, you can get the TJ Maxx credit card rewards and use them as a secondary card. For your other, every day needs use another credit card and use it whenever you are shopping at TJ Maxx brand store. And this setup is the most optimal. On your credit score, the major downside to opening 2 credit cards is that it can have a negative impact.

The number of hard inquiries into your report will increase and your average age of credit to go down submitting new applications that will cause, on your score these 2 factors have substantial effects. You should be aware of this as a factor if within the next 6 to 12 months you were going to apply for another loan. However, these are likely to not matter much in the long run.

Noting about the TJ Maxx credit card rewards the other thing that is worth is how bad its APR is 27.74% variable. On the market, this is significantly higher than most other credit cards. Even what we have seen from other store credit cards it's even higher. You should never use it to carry a month-to-month balance if you get this card. You make sure that your bill is always paying off in full.

To get you a discount at TJ Maxx stores the TJ Maxx credit card rewards can be a good secondary card that you can use. However, you should consider other options if you want to apply just for 1 new credit card to give you rewards and discounts.

Features and benefits of TJ Maxx credit card rewards:

In the U.S. and Puerto Rico and online at and the TJ Maxx credit card rewards can help you to earn 5 points per dollar at Marshall's, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and sierra trading post stores. In Canada and everywhere else earn 1 point per dollar at Marshall's.

Wherever the master card is accepted you can also use this card. With 1 point per dollar doing so will award you. 1000 points every time you earn, for a $10 rewards certificate they can be redeemed that can be used at any of the card affiliated brands. For actual cash, this certificate is not redeemable, which means this card is not a true cashback credit card. After it's issued your reward certificate will also expire for 2 years, so make sure that you are ready to use them because you only use your points once, otherwise you run the risk of wasting these rewards.

Instead of as a traditional credit card bonus, you're first in-store purchases and online the TJ Maxx credit card rewards give you 10% off. To other credit card bonuses s this pales in comparison. For example, after you spend at least $500 to $1,000 some of the best cashback credit cards typically reward you with $150 to $200 on your card within the first 3 months of card membership. Even you had only received $50 off if your first in-store purchase was $500.

Some important things about the benefits and features of TJ Maxx credit card rewards:

Some restrictions on the 10% discount the small print for this credit card outlines. The discount can only be used towards an in-store purchase if you apply for this card with a mobile phone. However, you can use the discount in-store and online if you apply on tablet or desktop for this card.

Has a 27.74% variable APR by the TJ Maxx credit card rewards. Then the other average credit card APR is almost 10% points higher. On this credit card, we do not recommend anyone to ever carry a balance. To be astronomically high since this APR will cause interest charges.

With other credit cards how does compare the TJ Maxx credit card rewards:

The TJ Maxx credit card rewards to figure out the true value, how it fits within the greater context of the credit cards market its imperative to understand. To with some cash back credit cards, we compared it, which allows us to highlights this card's weaknesses and strengths.

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