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How to Get a Cyprus Forex Brokerage License?

Cyprus is the EU's top forex broker license jurisdiction. Cyprus forex licenses allow brokers to market, accept client funds, and legally operate in all 28 EU member states, giving them global prestige. 

Fintech Harbor Consulting experts are happy to help your broker apply for a Forex license in Cyprus. They also help investors with company registration in Cyprus.

One license for multiple forex investment purposes is a major benefit of the Cypriot forex brokerage license. Malta has many licenses, each with four levels depending on the services and complexity you provide. This takes time and money. Cyprus, like The Lord of the Rings, has one forex brokerage license.

Thus, even if forex brokerage is your main interest, the license lets you handle other investment instruments across the EU without additional licenses or costs. One license covers most forex services.

For forex brokers, getting a financial license can be difficult in some jurisdictions. Cyprus has the right mix of legal compliance and simplicity for all brokers. The normal track takes six months, while the fast track takes two.

1. Planning and strategizing

To begin, you will discuss your business, goals, and needs. We'll need basic company and director/shareholder information before the call. After receiving all the necessary information and a brief discussion, the company will make a professional assessment and give you a complete overview of the process.

Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) have two forex licenses:

  • Standard license—approximately €125,000.00, a broker can hold clients' money but not trade;
  • Full license—approximately €730,000.00—a broker can trade on its own account (market maker).

2. Compliance and Cyprus entity registration

You need a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with a local presence to register for the forex license. Having a local, registered office address, hiring a certain number of local employees, and spending enough in the country can meet this.

Below are additional requirements.

  • Key personnel
  • Two executive and two non-executive directors are required, with three of them living in Cyprus. The Board of Directors must be well-respected and experienced. They should submit their Curriculum Vitae, educational certificates, professional references, notarized passport copies, and proof of residential address to support this. 
  • Risk managers, compliance specialists, and internal and external auditors are also needed. Internal auditors must be Cypriot.
  • Capital minimum
  • A Standard License requires €125,000 in capital, while a Full License requires €730,000.

3. Establish a business bank account.

The above-mentioned minimum capital need must be put into a legal entity's bank account. You'll also need verification that the deposit was successfully made.

4. Documentation preparation is the next step. 

Finally, we'll develop the business plan and manuals required for the license application and get you ready for any questions you could be asked during the interview. 

5. Submit an Application for a License 

Now you will submit your application to CySEC and respond to any inquiries they may have.


Fintech Harbor Consulting should be your first call if your forex brokerage firm needs a Cyprus forex license. If you'd like a quotation and an explanation of the license application procedure, we'd be pleased to supply both after we have some basic information about your company's ambitions. 

Because of our experts' extensive experience in the forex sector, we are the best choice to help your company get a forex license in Mauritius. Fintech Harbor Consulting may also help you get different kinds of permits to conduct financial transactions in offshore havens.

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