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EJ Dalius Explains How Entrepreneurs
Can Handle Failure

When entrepreneurs fail in an endeavor, they are in the horns of a dilemma. These challenges may crop up in many forms such as losing a business deal to their competitor or bigger ones like not able to pay their employees. However, smart and visionary leaders aren’t limited by these hardships but think of ways to deal with the problem.

According to an article published on, entrepreneurs can see through these failures by being optimistic. Stare the failures at the face and devise solutions that turn out very well. Just like Thomas Edison who perceived failures as experiments to do better. EJ Dalius recommends meandering through difficult situations, internally as well as externally, is the key to the victory of an entrepreneur. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius thinks avoiding emotional decisions is an effective solution

It is very easy to feel depressed, emotional, taking impulsive decisions just when you are going through a bad patch in life. Decisions based on your emotions may become detrimental to your company. Therefore, take a couple of minutes off from your schedule to pull yourself together and take deep breaths. It is worth the effort. Making practical decisions instead of emotional ones will avert your business challenges from mounting.

Stay prepared for the worst

Your business cannot sail smoothly forever without facing hardships or failures. The weather will be rough sometimes. Hence, prepare yourself mentally to deal with challenges because it is one of the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Eric Dalius thinks that when you expect most of the time that things will run perfectly according to your plans, then your strategies fail sometimes. So if you aren’t prepared, these failures would become more difficult to manage than you anticipate.

Look for outlets to vent out negative feelings

The essential thing is to understand your situation and look for outlets that you require to cope with the difficulties and vent out your negative feelings. Smart entrepreneurs know this and therefore, they can think clearly and perform better when failures stare their faces. That is how dynamic leaders are geared-up to take challenges head-on.

You can exercise, take a swim, connect with people who encourage you, read a book, or simply meditate in a quiet spot in a park or your yard to reflect and introspect. Try this tactic and you can manage your failures in a better way and come up with a possible solution. Stay away from people, who pinpoint your mistakes.

Work with people who have a robust support network

Make sure your family, friends, and essentially mentors are by your side when things are tough. These are people to support you and help you block feelings of loneliness. You may feel that you are all alone to deal with your failures, but having optimistic and supportive people around will make you feel better, loved, and cared for, outside your usual work. The process will help you to lift your spirits. Optimistic people surrounding you are perfect outlets for making the right decisions.


There are ways to deal with your failures and overcome the challenges. Be prepared for difficult times and you will succeed.

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