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Hot Q3 Stock Buys for 2021 Investors

Some of the hottest and most financially attractive corporations to survive and thrive in the COVID pandemic and its aftermath are ones you already know well, like Disney, Uber, PayPal, and Tesla. Others are not household names but are close to becoming as familiar as the others. This second group includes Snowflake, Twilio, Roku, and several others.

When venturing into lists of stocks that are popular with investors, it's important to know which kinds of investors we're talking about. For instance, Disney, one of the world's best-known entertainment companies, is a favorite for long-term investors, while Twilio is beloved by day-traders. Keeping in mind the fact that what's hot for one person might be cold for another, here's a brief listing of 2021's most appealing shares, along with basic analysis of each one.

Roku, Inc. [ROKU]

Note that long-term investing is a preferred technique among millions of traders, and is usually considered a safer play than short-term, day trading, or swing trading. However, all the varieties of short-term action have the potential to deliver larger profits to those who know how to select winning companies. The upstart streaming service, Roku, Inc., has posted one-years gains in excess of 100 percent and is known among day-traders for its incredibly large daily volume, which hovers around the 14 million mark. High daily volume is one of the characteristics that day traders love, because it tends to mean there are lots of lucrative setup within a single market session.

The Walt Disney Company [DIS]

Always a member of Top-10 lists, Disney has undergone many changes in the past few years, and most of them have buoyed the firm's share value. Foremost among the propelling factors has been the creation of Disney+, a streaming service that was done right and implemented almost flawlessly. In an economy where direct-to-home streaming of high-quality video content is a hot property, Disney currently rules the market.

Tesla, Inc. [TSLA]

Electric carmaker Tesla, whose co-founder, Elon Musk, is as famous as the company's high-end cars, is in the unique position of being both a short-term and long-term favorite stock. For the latter, the firm's steady price rise and slow-but-sure market share increases seem to indicate that Tesla will be around for decades. Additionally, Musk's determination to act as front man for the entire electric vehicle sector wins converts to his company. For short-termers, Tesla's daily volume and volatility are high enough to warrant a place on any favorites list. In 2020 alone, the EV-maker saw the price of its shares rise more than 690 percent. That kind of wild ride is what brought so many day traders and long-term investors on board in the past 18 months.

Twilio, Inc. [TWLO]

Twilio, like Tesla, has fans in all parts of the trading community. For starters, the cloud services entity has witnessed an almost 50 percent uptick in share prices during the past 2.5 years. That fact brought in and held millions of swing and long-haul investors. Likewise, the fashionable Wall Street tech firm is a day trader's dream because it excels in volume and volatility. Liquidity and fast-moving prices are like gold to scalpers and daily session enthusiasts, and Twilio has everything both crowd’s desire.

Etsy, Inc. [ETSY]

Etsy has something its big box competitors don't have, unique, hand-made products of excellent quality. The unique e-commerce online store has one of the best, most ingenious selling points, a personal touch that can't be duplicated. Goods are produced by thousands of small merchants who make up the Etsy family. Day traders have falling in love with the company not for its products but for its pricing volatility, per-session volume, and upward value momentum. It's fair to say that Etsy checks all the important boxes for short-term profit seekers. Plus, during the long COVID economic stall and lockdown, huge numbers of new customers flocked to the e-commerce seller when digital, computer-based buying went through the roof.]

Uber Technologies, Inc. [UBER]

The pandemic lifted the food delivery sector to new heights, and no other business capitalized on the trend as did the segment leader, Uber. Also involved in ride sharing, Uber has undergone a significant transformation since early 2020, a time during which its shares rose an astounding 52 percent. But a quick upsurge due to a one-off global virus is not all Uber has going for it. Growth investors flock to it because of sound management and other key fundamentals that spell success for years to come. For the third quarter of 2021, Uber is one of the most popular growth firms for all kinds of investors and traders.

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