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Factors to Consider When Hiring a
Lyft Accident Attorney

When you get into an accident as a passenger of a Lyft ride, you may be confused about what to do. After all, the number of potentially liable parties is many. Moreover, dealing with injuries and emotional health while also dealing with a legal case is not an ideal combination. 

Hiring a Lyft accident lawyer in Jersey City can lessen a significant percentage of your burden. However, an attorney can only prove helpful to you when they are right for your case. Various factors determine whether an Uber accident attorney will be beneficial for your case. 

Factors to consider when hiring a Lyft accident attorney

1. Experience. 

Even though experience alone does not prove anything about the expertise of the attorney, it can play a significant role. You do not want to pick an attorney who is fighting their life’s first case. There are various types of accidents attorneys. Some are specialized in truck accidents, while others have expertise in car-pedestrian accidents. Make sure that you pick someone who has prior experience solving rideshare accidents. 

2. Payment. 

There are many good attorneys in the world. However, you need to make sure that you are on the same page with them regarding payment. You do not want to be surprised with their expensive fee structure after they have already won your case. Ask your attorney to provide you with a detailed document of the payment structure and when they will be expecting the money. 

If you do not have the money to pay for their fees now, ask them if they can work for you on a contingency basis. However, not all attorneys provide this offer. 

3. Commitment. 

You do not want to book an attorney who is least interested in solving your problems and winning the case. It might be another case for them, but it is an important one for you. If you find it difficult to book appointments with your attorney or feel they are turning down your calls and showing no interest, it is a red flag. This could mean that they are busy with other cases and giving them more priority. 

4. Qualifications. 

Although it goes without saying, asking your attorney about their qualifications is vital. It helps you understand their background a little bit, their credibility and enables you to trust them. You should never hesitate to ask for your attorney’s qualifications, and you should do it during your first consultation session itself. One good thumb rule to follow is: a good attorney will encourage you to ask about their qualifications and never try to hide them. 

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