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Why Your Senior Loved One Should Hire
a Cherry Hill NJ Elder Law Attorney

Planning for a future can benefit people of all ages. However, it is particularly essential for senior citizens who may not be able to take care of themselves due to age or a medical condition. Appropriate planning ensures family members who may have to make important decisions are not subjected to unnecessary stress. Together with a solid estate plan, family members should consider possible elderly law-related concerns their aging loved ones may face like Medicare/Medicaid and nursing home care. This is where a Cherry Hill NJ elder law attorney can help. 

Why Hire an Elderly Law Attorney?

An elderly law attorney has the experience to handle different legal issues such as long-term care planning, Medicare and Medicaid planning, as well as estate planning. They will help you understand your aging loved one’s rights and responsibilities under care programs and can advocate for them should problems arise. 

Health insurance may not cover the cost of long-term care. Also, while people can be eligible for Medicare after they hit 65, some may not be qualified. This makes it important to have a long-term care plan before your loved one needs possible custodial care.

Moreover, an elderly law attorney can help your aging loved one navigate complex laws and regulations associated with aging. Their services will make sure the needs of your loved one are properly handled. They can help them create an estate plan tailored to their specific needs. Also, they can determine how to protect their assets and provide for their survivors when they die. 

Reasons Assets Protection Planning is Essential

By planning to protect your loved one’s assets, your aging loved one can safeguard their possessions before they need long-term health care. This way, they can pass their hard-earned money to you and other beneficiaries they will choose. Medicaid planning secures eligibility for government benefits, protecting their assets. Each planning allows them to maximize such protections. 

Additionally, proper planning can make sure they get the necessary care that may not be able to afford. If you have a healthy parent who wishes to stay in your house, they can do so because their assets won’t be subjected to the estate recovery program under Medicaid. An elderly law attorney can also seek to redress issues associated with a senior’s state at a nursing home, find solutions to housing issues such as home equity conversions, file a discrimination claim, and look for solutions to elder abuse.

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