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5 High Interest Rate Savings Accounts and Their Top Features That You Must Consider

While selecting a savings account, you must prioritise its interest rate. However, a high-interest rate is not the only sought-afterfeature of a new-age savings account. Your account must also facilitate superior access to banking services, offer a technically resilient mobile app, and prioritise the security of online transactions. This article enlists five banks that offer these features through their savings accounts.

1. IDFC FIRST Bank has designed its savings accounts to increase your savings

The following features of IDFC FIRST Bank’s savings accounts make it one of the most popular savings accounts in India: 

  • Zero Fee Banking: IDFC FIRST Bank’s Zero Fee Banking feature, which accompanies all savings accounts, helps customers grow their savings significantly. This feature waives the fees for around thirty savings account-related features like NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) transfer charges, SMS alert charges, RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) transfer fees, and ATM transaction charges. 
  • Secure access to banking services: You can access all banking services securely using your IDFC FIRST Bank savings account. These services include bank account balance, downloading bank statements, and managing your credit card details. 
  • Quick online fund transfers: IDFC FIRST Bank’s Auto Pay and One-Swipe Pay features help customers securely transfer funds online. Auto Pay helps customers automate recurring payments, and One-Swipe Pay helps them pay by swiping on their bank app.
  • An efficient mobile banking app: IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app acts as a one-stop-solution to the customer’s banking requirements and facilitates secure access to all banking services. 
  • A responsive and customer service team: IDFC FIRST Bank’s customer service team can be instantly contacted through the bank’s mobile app. 

2. Check out Kotak Mahindra Bank’s online savings account

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank offers an interest of 4% per annum on savings account balance. 
  • You can open a Kotak Mahindra instant savings account with your Aadhaar details. 

3. Analyse the features of HDFC Bank’s savings accounts

  • HDFC Bank facilitates instant online transfers through its online savings accounts. 
  • The BillPay facility helps customers make quick payments towards utility bills. 
  • HDFC Bank’s Net Banking facility helps customers make payments conveniently. 

4. Axis Bank’s savings accounts can help you access all banking services online

  • Axis Bank offers customers a complimentary virtual e-debit card along with its online savings account. 
  • Customers can access more than 250 banking services through an Axis Bank savings account. 

5. Check out ICICI Bank’s online savings account’s features

  • ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay app facilitates quick, online transfers that are also secure. 
  • Customers can earn reward points on their credit cards by choosing an ICICI Bank savings account. 
  • ICICI Bank also facilitates secure internet banking and mobile banking services. 

All the five banks mentioned in this article help customers open an online bank account. Before signing up for an online account opening, you must also check the features of the bank’s mobile app and read about its customer service online.

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