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Do HDFC Mutual Funds Facilitate
Dividend Reinvestment?

What are Mutual Funds?

To engage in the equities or debt markets, mutual funds aggregate the funds of numerous individuals. Equities, floating-rate debt, or balanced funds are all examples of mutual funds. You may easily invest in increasingly complex financial markets due to mutual funds. Mutual funds can be balanced, floating-rate, equity, or debt funds. Mutual funds' benefits in terms of variety, expert management, and liquidity play a significant role in their performance. Many banks or companies provide mutual funds investment, but we have to choose the most beneficial to have an advantage in the longer run. This article will teach you about what a Hdfc mutual fund is and HDFC balanced advantage fund.

HDFC Mutual Funds

The benefits of mutual fund investments through HDFC Bank (an AMFI Registered Mutual Funds Distributor) have increased. You may conduct transactions with the Investment Services Account effortlessly and have total control over your Mutual Funds using NetBanking. In the form of dividends, a mutual fund regularly distributes investor gains. These payments, which go by the name of dividends, are determined by the mutual fund's profitability. A mutual fund's net asset value (NAV), defined by dividing the valuation by the number of units issued, is decreased by the amount of a dividend payout when the fund pays out dividends. An additional choice provided by some mutual funds is dividend reinvestment. In this case, the HDFC mutual fund declares a dividend and grants investors more units in the plan instead of paying out in cash.

Dividends are paid from Mutual Funds

Investors that prioritize steady income are drawn to high-dividend-yield ETFs. These funds solely invest in high-dividend stocks and high-coupon bonds to consistently pay out dividends to shareholders. Dividend payments represent the investor's share of the fund's total earnings and how this income is paid out to investors.

A percentage of a company's profits is distributed as dividends. Successful businesses frequently provide a portion of their earnings to shareholders through dividends.

Dividend Reinvestment

Some investors would instead reinvest their earnings than receive a payout. With Hdfc mutual fund, a dividend reinvestment plan is simple. The investor only instructs the bank to purchase new shares from the earnings of dividends automatically. Additionally, shareholders may use their dividends to buy stock in another fund. As long as the second fund is a member of the same family, HDFC typically allows this.

Balanced Advantage Fund

A hybrid fund called the Balanced Advantage Fund constantly adjusts its equity and fixed income exposures in response to market conditions. When equity values are high, balanced advantage funds lower equity and raise fixed income exposures. When market valuations are down, they will boost equity holdings and decrease fixed-income allocations.

Advantages of Balanced Advantage Fund in HDFC

  • Frequently having lower equity holdings during market peaks, these funds may be less unpredictable than aggressive hybrid funds. Consequently, they can experience lower drawdowns during corrections.
  • If the average gross equity investment of a HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund is 65% or above, equity taxation is available. To make wise investment choices, investors should speak with their financial professionals regarding the tax status of their mutual fund schemes.


With the dividend option, your regular income is determined by the fund's performance, but your NAV does not increase. You receive more units of your mutual fund portfolio instead of cash when you choose the dividend reinvestment option. Your NAV stays the same.

HDFC is the leading mutual fund investment company in India. Regarding managing assets, Hdfc is one of India's major fund firms. Open-ended equity plans are available through the HDFC Mutual Fund, including the HDFC Equity Fund. The HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund is an open-ended hybrid dynamic asset allocation strategy that is part of the HDFC Mutual Fund House. It was launched on September 11, 2020.

The scheme of Balanced Advantage Fund by HDFC intends to offer long-term capital appreciation/income from a variable composition of equity and debt exposures, according to its investment objective.

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