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Hit the Jackpot:
Why Gold is Competing with the Dollar

In 2022, inflation increased at its fastest rate in over 40 years, hitting an increase of 9.1% since 1981. Industries are suffering, investors are losing, but inflation is not supposed to slow down anytime soon. In comparison to other currencies, the dollar is losing its value across the board, however, the one material that has been able to retain its value is gold.

Since 1933, the dollar has lost nearly 100% of its value against gold, and investors are starting to take notice. As the pandemic continues to rage on, the financial status of many citizens was unsteady and a reason for stress. This is why gold has started to rise in popularity, along with several other reasons why people are starting to favor this precious metal. Gold is a generally low-risk investment in comparison to other currencies, it allows for tangible ownership, and it does not lose its value through mass printing like the US dollar. Gold is in higher demand during times of economic struggle, and reports claim that 1 in 6 Americans bought gold or similar precious metals in 2020 as the universal gold investment demand increased by 80%.

The future of financial stability lies in the hands of gold owners, and it will not be long before inflation levels drive consumers of all walks of life to invest in this precious metal.

Hit the Jackpot

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