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What Is the Best Gift Idea for Crypto / Finance Mentor

Gift Idea

Mentors are very instrumental to our success and growth. If you have one, then you are quite fortunate. The work of guiding you on the right path in life deserves a reward. Thank you gifts are a good way to show gratitude and appreciation. So what are some of the things to give?

The Best Gift Ideas for your Mentor

The choice of gift has to be determined by the type of mentor you have. What a sports mentor would appreciate definitely won't work for a business mentor. So most of your gifts should be tailored towards finance, digital currencies or related phenomena. Some of these gifts could be paper wallets, hardware wallets, NFTs, decentralized land, coin vouchers and so on.

A Career-Related Gift

For mentorship programs in a formal setting, a career-related one is most appropriate. It's advisable to give something that reflects the nature of your relationship. An informal gift could be misinterpreted, so it's best to stick to professionalism. A cryptocurrency-related gift is rather thoughtful.

Make your Gift Personal with Custom Engravings

Another way to decide on a gift is to focus on their likes and hobbies. If you are close enough to know what would be most appropriated, then your search becomes easy. For instance, a mentor who loves aesthetics can be gifted an art piece. For collectors, trophies would be great.

Creating a Bitcoin trophy for a mentor is the grandest thing to do. You can personalize this gift with custom engravings. As a way of giving the trophy more value, encourage mentors to share them on social media using #tothemoontrophy. This automatically adds them to the network of advanced traders and early adopters of a decentralized system.

Show them you've succeeded thanks to them

What best way can you make your mentor proud other than your success story? Every teacher wants to know that his lessons were adequately understood. It is expedient they know that the time invested in grooming you has paid off. For mentors, your success is part of their success story as well.

One way to show appreciation is through the BTC Trophy.

In all, giving trading tool gifts to a mentor is awesome. It proves that you are a tremendous student and could be highly motivating. This however can pave the way for more mentorship programs.

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