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What is Fundamental Analysis - How Your Stock Investments Can Benefit?

In trading known two methods of analysis, namely Fundamental Analysis as well as Technical Analysis. Fundamental analysis is an observation of the fundamental condition of a company. It significantly affects the value of a currency or stock, directly or indirectly. On the other hand, technical analysis is an analysis to measure the history of prices in the past along with certain mathematical formula

Currency trading transactions cannot be separated from expertise in analyzing the fundamental condition of a country as it is a series of observations known as fundamental analysis. Not only trading in currencies, stock trading is also familiar with fundamental analysis that is done by looking at multiple fundamental indicators with parameters. Fundamental analysis of a business also helps understand the basic premises.

There is a great need to know that fundamental analysis examines the key ratios of a business in a way in order to determine its financial health. The end of the process, you a fair idea of what must be the price of company's stock. It will tell you whether your purchase price was more or less. Keep in consideration that when you buy a stock at its fair value, you stand to make profits. The reason is that, the market price always is more than fair value. Another term Volatility trading is also used that refers to trading the volatility of a financial instrument than trading the price itself. However, fundamental analysis is an art to take into account the importance of information from the political or economic development of a country.

Chain Reaction

Keep in consideration that the greater the impact of information, there will affect will be in the forex and the stock index.

Distance Information

The closer an information to a stock index means that there is the great influence of that information. For an instance, information coming from other side have a big impact on JCI scores as compared to information from abroad.

News Sources

The more official the news source, the more powerful it affects the value of a stock index.

Type of News

It is crucial to understand that an economic news is stronger in its influence on the stock index of a country rather than any other news like politics, social or cultural.

Fundamental Analysis


It is fascinating to know that the fundamental analysis is best for long-term investments that are based on long-term trends. The ability to identify long-term economic technological trends are capable to benefit patient investors. In performing fundamental analysis, the willingness for updating or following the economic news release of a country is needed. Media information is diverse, can be through official news releases in news trusted depending on the data.

Fundamental analysis also helps identify companies that represent a better value. Some of the investors think long-term and value that help uncover companies with valuable assets that is a staying power.

One of the obvious, but less tangible, rewards of fundamental analysis is considered the development of an understanding of the business. After a research and analysis, an investor will be familiar with the key along with the profit drivers behind a company.

Earnings expectations can be potent drivers of equity prices, some technicians will agree to that. However, a good understanding help investor avoid companies that are prone to shortfalls that continue to deliver. It is fascinating to know that the fundamental analysis allows investors to develop an understanding within an industry.

Approaches for Fundamental Analysis

There are two significant approaches for fundamental analysis:

  • Top-down Analysis
  • Bottom-Up Analysis

Top-down analysis are just like a funnel where the analysis begins along with a broader of the overall economy. After that, it moves to sector and industry-specifics. However, in in the bottom-up approach the analysis begins with specific stock of the company that is followed by sector specific.

Tools used for Fundamental Analysis

The analyst uses various tools for this analysis that significantly depends on the type of security and instrument being analyzed. For instance, some analyst uses the company’s annual report for analyzing the earning capacity as well as the growth of EPS on a quarter on quarter or year on year basis.

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