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How Do You Find a Good Product Liability Attorney in Tampa?

You make many purchases on a daily basis, from products to services you use. When you are injured by a defective product you used or purchased, you can sue the manufacturer for injuries.

What Is Product Liability?

A product liability lawsuit is where a seller or manufacturer of a faulty product is held accountable in the field of business.

Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

Faulty products cause a lot of injuries every year, leaving victims to suffer financially and physically. Many large manufacturers care more about their revenue than your safety. Here are the types of liability claims.

Manufacturing Defects

Common causes of manufacturer defects include negligence when assembling the product and use of low standard materials. When a faulty product injures you, your Tampa product liability lawyer will have to prove that the manufacturing defect directly caused your injury.

Lack of Adequate Instructions and Warnings

A defective warnings lawsuit usually involves a harmful product, and the harm was not made apparent to you or there was no warning against the potential hazard when using it. For instance, a medicine packet that does not warn you of its possible side effects may be liable for a defective warning claim.

Design Defects

Regardless of how fine a product is manufactured or how thoroughly the consumer is cautioned about the product, it can still cause harm if it has a faulty design. To have a case, the harm must be caused by the product's faulty design. Substantiating faulty design liability claims without a product liability attorney is almost impossible.

Selecting the Right Product Liability Lawyer

After getting injured by a defective product, hiring a product liability attorney is the most crucial choice you will have to make. A product liability lawyer will help you file the lawsuit and gain compensation for the harm caused. Here is what to consider when looking for a good product liability lawyer.


Consider your prospective lawyer's expertise by looking into things such as the integrity of the law school they graduated from and what types of product liability claims they have handled in the past. It is vital you look for a lawyer with expertise on product liability as different attorneys specialize in various fields.

Does the Lawyer Work with Defendants or Plaintiffs?

It may make a massive difference if you hire a lawyer with a track record of representing manufacturers. It will assist your lawsuit, as the attorney will be able to predict their moves due to their previous working relationship.


You have to confirm if a lawyer is experienced for your case by looking at the number of years they have been practicing. Product liability requires extensive knowledge, and a lawyer with little or no experience will not give you the representation you deserve. Ask a prospective lawyer about their success rate, both in trials and settlements, and the type of products they have dealt with.


The reputation of your prospective attorney is another vital consideration. Find out about their track record and how they related with their previous clients. There have been instances where attorneys have fallen out with their clients and others involved in the lawsuit. Hire a product liability lawyer that you will be comfortable working with.

How Your Lawyer Can Prove Liability

Before hiring a lawyer to pursue your defective product lawsuit, you should fully understand how the lawyer will present your case. Here are the factors needed to establish a credible case:

  • Prove physical or financial injury to you or your property
  • Prove the faulty product caused the injury or loss
  • Show the manufacturer is accountable for the defect or danger
  • Ready to defend your own mistake
  • Filing the case in an appropriate manner

Compensation for a Product Liability Case

In the event your lawsuit is successful, you will recover damages for the following:

When you fall victim to a faulty product, you are exposed to financial, physical, and emotional stress. The right product liability attorney will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Ensure you are comfortable with your prospective lawyer and their level of expertise before giving them your case.

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