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Fighting DWI Charges in Syracuse: Get an Attorney

Few things are as scary as being arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges in Syracuse, USA. No matter whether you are guilty, your immediate focus should be your legal defense. No one wants to have a criminal record, and even a small mark on your profile can impact your life, career, and social life in the long run. Instead of trying to understand complex laws in NY, consider hiring a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse without delay.

The basics

First things first, do not assume that you will appear guilty because you have hired a DWI defense attorney. It is a sign that you are aware of your rights and do not want to take chances. While you can choose to fight the case on your own, you may not understand every aspect of the law. The sooner you get an attorney, the better your chances of determining the right defense strategy.

Know your rights

If you have been charged with DWI or have been arrested, knowing your rights will come in handy. You have the right to hire a lawyer for your case, besides the right to remain silent. The arresting officer should read out your Miranda when you are arrested. Do not assume the best when the police tell you that you should be upfront and honest about the situation. Until you have an attorney, do not say anything.

Potential DWI defenses

There are different kinds of defense strategies that your lawyer may consider for your case. Each DWI case is unique and requires a tailored plan; therefore, no one approach is perfect for all situations. Your lawyer may check if there was a constitutional violation at the time of your arrest, such as you were not informed of your Miranda rights. There could be other situations involving police misconduct and defective breathalyzer. Your lawyer will evaluate the circumstances and evidence and decide on what may work best in your interests.

Get the right lawyer

You don’t need any regular lawyer but an experienced lawyer specializing in criminal law in NY. Make sure to check the profile of your attorney and whether they have defended clients facing DWI charges. Most law firms will charge you an hourly rate, but there are exceptions. While hiring an attorney requires financial investment, this is to your advantage in the long run. Take your time to evaluate criminal lawyers but don’t delay seeking legal assistance.

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