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EJ Dalius Outlines Entrepreneurial Challenge
and their Solutions

In this age of ultra-competitive corporate environment, entrepreneurial challenges make you feel as if you are standing on one end of a rope. The fall is inevitable, but then, fortunately, modern times have the blessings of additional resources and technological tools for dealing with the problems.

According to an article published on, all businesses have rosy days and sometimes, things do not work out the way you want. Then, dynamic leaders do not yield to the surrounding pressure but win over the hurdles facing them now. EJ Dalius asks young entrepreneurs to turn adversities into opportunities, working them to their favor. Here are some of the greatest entrepreneurial challenges and effective solutions.

Eric J Dalius thinks that deciding what products to sell is a challenge

The indecision as to what products you should sell is a challenge troubling some entrepreneurs today. You are at a loss to understand which niche items to pick, which have sufficient consumer demand.

The solution is to understand that you are not good at choosing niche products and therefore, delegate the job to someone else, who has the knowledge and experience of the same. You can hire a freelancer or a marketing expert from the related industry. Professionals will recommend some niches after market research and build a report including a full SWOT analysis and possible profits if you choose the niche products as suggested.

Growth and expansion of business

You may have some growth currently but up to a point. Now, what does this imply? You have reached a stage in your business when you cannot commit to any additional work, given your company’s existing structure.

Marketing expert Eric Dalius has a possible solution to this problem. You will need to build new processes and pay more heed to the delegation of tasks. You have been managing everything all this time, but then your business growth comes to a halt because you cannot focus on production activities anymore. The plausible solution is delegating responsibilities to others in your firm so that you can move out of production-related responsibilities, and segue into managing your business. It will help you to succeed in your entrepreneurial initiatives when you focus solely on the growth and expansion of your firm.

Impoverished budget

Even if you have the cash flow to manage your business expenses, but it is just fine and not anything more than that. It means that you do not have sufficient funds in your business to promote your brand and products to its maximum potential.

The solution is acquiring funds for aggressive branding, but as a small business, capital is a problem unless you own one of the giant corporations. Prioritize your marketing attempts with a focus on achieving maximum efficiency. Invest business funds where it will show results and keep the remaining amount aside for operational costs and testing with other marketing tactics.

Keep track of your business capital and skimp on areas so that you can free up some additional money.


Challenges are inevitable for your business, but with patience and wisdom, you can win over the hurdles, no matter what. Make determination and brainpower your allies.

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