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6 Best Crystals for Money & Prosperity (How to Use Them)


Money matters. If you are a student or simply someone trying to make money, a little extra cash can go a long way. Financial stability is a wish we all share, but sometimes it feels like the universe has some other plans for us. In a world where financial security often feels like a fickle friend, it's natural to seek any edge we can find. 

Do you ever walk past the display of crystals in a shop and wonder if there's any truth to the whispers of wealth and prosperity they hold? Crystals aren't a magic money tree that guarantees overnight wealth. They are powerful tools for attracting abundance and shifting your mindset toward prosperity. 

So, ditch the lottery tickets and delve into the six best crystals for money, wealth, and prosperity, along with how to use them to harness their potent energies. 

Best Crystals for Money

Everyone has a different definition of wealth, and it changes throughout your life. Whether you are working for a monetary goal or define it narrowly in terms of abundance and prosperity--these are all stones that can give you solid support to expand your power.

These crystals for affluence work in different ways, but they always have a similar effect of attracting wealth and prosperity into your life. Through these stones that deal with various aspects of your finances and state of being, you can find all the help needed to get things done.

Let's look at our top pick of crystals for money:


Citrine is the most powerful crystal for money, so there’s no surprise to enlist it as number one. Known as the "Merchant's Stone," it radiates a vibrant lemon energy that symbolizes optimism and financial success. It attracts opportunities, boosts confidence in financial dealings, and encourages a healthy flow of abundance. 

This beautiful stone in a bright yellow color fills the hearts of people with joy and positive energy. It naturally enhances your vibrations to manifest abundance in less time. With higher frequency, you experience your intentions faster. This stone is closely linked with Solar Plexus Chakra, so be sure to hold it while doing meditation.


How to Use it:

  • Place it in your pocket, cash register, or workspace to attract clients and positive business deals.
  • Carry it with you during important financial negotiations for a confidence boost.
  • Meditate with citrine while visualizing your financial goals to enhance their manifestation.


Don't get fooled by its "Fool's Gold" nickname. Pyrite's shimmering surface hides a potent core of wealth and good luck. If you ever find yourself feeling like you’re unworthy, this crystal ally is for you. Simply looking at this stone will fill your life with abundance and prosperity. 

It ignites ambition, sparks creative money-making ideas, and shields against negativity surrounding finances. For business owners, this little nugget of pyrite is a door of luck to attract money and wealth.

How to Use it:

  • Place a pyrite pyramid near your computer to attract success in online business dealings.
  • Carry pyrite with you during job interviews or presentations for a boost of confidence and success.
  • Create a wealth grid with pyrite and other prosperity crystals to amplify their combined energies.
  • Keep it on your desk, in your wallet, or wear it as jewelry to get exactly what you set out to. 
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    Green Jade

    If you’re thinking of starting a new business, jade is a new crystal to flip to. This luxurious stone whispers wisdom of prosperity and growth to attract wealth and abundance. It attracts luck in financial dealings and protects against loss. 

    The Green jade opens up your heart to give more and ultimately in return you receive more. It promotes wise decision-making when it comes to money. Jade thrives in the heart of your home, bringing stability and growth to your financial well-being.

    How to Use it:

    • Place a jade figurine in your living room to attract positive financial energy into your home.
    • Carry a jade pendant or bracelet for protection against financial loss and bad luck.
    • Use jade in wealth affirmations or rituals to strengthen your intentions and attract abundance.
    • Keep it in your bedroom next to your bed, so when you sleep, it turns your dream into reality. 


  •  Malachite is the bold stone of transformative energy. It inspires you to reconsider your financial decisions and implement new strategies to support your goals. It shatters limiting beliefs about money and opens doors to new financial possibilities. 

    Malachite is linked with heart chakra; which means incredibly effective when worn in necklaces over your chest. It encourages taking calculated risks, attracts generous partnerships, and helps manifest abundance through bold steps. It is one of the best crystals for money to keep you on track to follow your financial goals. 

    How to Use it:

    • Place malachite on your desk or workspace to inspire creative solutions for financial challenges.
    • Hold malachite while brainstorming new business ideas to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.
    • Meditate with malachite to release limiting beliefs about money and open yourself to abundance. 
    • Keep a piece of stone in your purse or wear the bracelet to attract more money.
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      Clear Quartz

      You may not consider clear quartz the best crystal for money but it helps to understand your goals. To best work with clear quartz, first identify your intention. It clears your mind about what you truly want. You can combine this stone with other crystals like citrine to attract wealth. 

      Clear quartz increases your willpower to achieve a financial goal. This stone amplifies the energy that surrounds you while making financial plans. This amplifying stone strengthens the energies of any other crystal you pair it with. Use it with your wealth stones to supercharge their power and manifest your desires faster.

      How to Use it:

      • Create a crystal grid with clear quartz and other prosperity stones to enhance their combined energies.
      • Place clear quartz near your other wealth crystals to enhance their vibrations.
      • Use clear quartz as a focus stone during wealth visualizations or meditations to strengthen your intentions.

      Tiger’s Eye

      If you need to adjust your viewpoint, look no further than the tiger’s eye. This multi-layered stone reminds you that there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you look at a situation from one angle for too long, then traffic will get narrow. 

      Tapping into the energy of a tiger's eye will show you a way forward. It is a reminder that there are many roads to reach financial success. This stone of focus and determination help achieve financial goals through hard work and perseverance. It boosts discipline, attracts recognition for your talents, and empowers you to negotiate effectively.

      How to Use it:

      • Wear tiger's eye jewelry during important meetings or presentations to increase your confidence.
      • Place a tiger's eye sculpture on your desk to promote discipline and focus when working towards your financial goals.
      • Use the tiger's eye in wealth oaths to strengthen your commitment to achieving your financial aspirations.


      Crystals for money are powerful tools, but true financial abundance comes through a combination of mindset, action, and responsible financial practices. Use your chosen stones as allies on your journey, but keep your feet firmly planted in the practical steps and conscious decisions.

      With an open heart, clear intentions, and guidance from your crystal companions, you can manifest a life brimming with prosperity, stability, and the freedom to pursue your dreams. So, go forth and watch your financial dreams turn into reality!

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