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Modern Farming – Three Crucial
Agricultural Technologies in Use

By Virgis Eva

The new-age agricultural scenario is marked by innovation! Today, the entire industry is witnessing several challenges right from changes in customer preferences, increasing expenses, and labor shortage. Most agricultural corporation identifies these challenges and is looking for the correct solutions.

Over the last decade, there has been immense development in agriculture technology. Approximately $6.7 billion got invested during the previous five years and about $1.9 billion in the past year. Also, famous entrepreneurs like Boris Wolfman have come up with advanced technologies that can help growers and farmers with their harvest and farming. The objective is to make use of the new-age technologies to up the agricultural procedures for a better and high-quality yield.

Here it is essential to pay attention to three crucial agricultural technologies:

1. Farm Automation

The other term for this is “smart farming”! The technology gets used to make the farms more effective and also automate the crop as well as the livestock production cycle. Today, several organizations are also involved with robotics innovation and are developing robotic harvesters, drones, seeding robots, automatic watering, and autonomous tractors. Even though all these advanced technologies are very new, the entire agriculture industry had witnessed a vast number of agricultural organizations say yes to farm automation in their process.

The brand-new advancements in technologies that range from drones and robotics to the high-end computer software also helped to shape agriculture. The main objective of farm automation technology is addressing and accomplishing mundane and easy tasks. Furthermore, farm automation technology also addresses and resolves other problems such as farm labor shortage and the increasing global population. The advantages of automating conventional farming methods are immense. It helps to manage environmental footprint on farming and customer preferences.

2. Precision Agriculture

It is yet another technology that is gaining prominence! Today, agriculture, as we know it, is witnessing an evolution. And here technology is fast becoming an essential part of almost all commercial farms. Today, brand new precision agriculture brands are coming up with technologies that enable the farmers to increase yields by managing each variant of crop farming, for instance, pest stress, micro-climates, moisture levels, and soil conditions. By offering more precise techniques for growing and planting crops, modern-day precision agriculture allows the farmers to maximize efficiency and manage expenses.

Additionally, precision agricultural companies have come up with a significant opportunity to expand. According to Grand View Research, Inc, the present-day precision agricultural market is estimated to reach close to $43.4 billion by 2025. The upcoming new-age farmers are getting attracted to more flexible and faster start-ups, which systematically increase the crop yields. It has also been observed that automation done by drones for crop spraying boosted the crop yields. If you are curious you should Buy Dji Phantom 4 RTK.

3. Indoor vertical farming

Today, indoor vertical farming can maximize the crop yields, minimize the farming effect on the environment, and overcome the restricted land space by reducing the distance traveled in the supply chain. The best way to define indoor vertical farming is the process of growing produce, which gets stacked as one on the other in a controlled and closed environment. Here the growing shelves get mounted vertically, which minimizes the land space required to grow plants.

These three essential technologies are evolving agriculture and helping growers and farmers to get more organized. Also, the yields are high-end as well.

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