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Lear Capital - A Company with a Unique Identity in the Precious Metals IRA Market

Lear Capital has been serving the market for more than 25 years and has successfully transacted billions of dollars as investments. This has made the company one of the topmost choices for individuals looking to invest in a Gold IRA. Besides trading in different precious metals, the company also provides its customers with 401 (k) retirement plans. You can invest a part of your salary into the company's 401 (k) investment fund, with withdrawals from this fund being taxable only at specified thresholds. This plan allows employees to save easily for retirement and safeguard their future.

It is only because of the company's extensive portfolio that several online sources feature Lear Capital reviews. You can always go through these genuine reviews to know about the prestigious accomplishments of the company as one of the leading precious metals investment dealers. The reviews also recommend the company for its quick turnaround time and exemplary customer service.

The Process of Investing Gold with Lear Capital

Storage at Lear Capital resides at the Delaware Depository, an IRS-approved depository vault and the leading storage facility for all kinds of precious metals in the industry. Key attributes of the depository include state-of-the-art security systems and all-inclusive insurance policies, which ensure your precious metals remain safe always. If you want to make a lucrative investment, you can invest in any of the accepted IRA-eligible rare coins available at Lear Capital. Also, those who want to transform their old 401 (k) retirement fund or diversify their investment portfolio can move on to invest in precious metals IRA, with the most common ones being silver and gold accounts.

With Lear Capital at your service, you can fund all these accounts using the methods below:

  • 60-Day Rollover: Your present retirement fund will mail your money through a check, and you need to mail that particular check to your new IRA account.
  • Trustee-to-Trustee Procedure: This procedure involves transferring all your retirement cash from your current plan into your new precious metals IRA account.

Special Features of Lear Capital

Some of the most special features of Lear Capital as precious metals and gold IRA investment dealer are as follows:

  • The company allows customers investing in precious metals to keep the precious metals, not just the certificates. You can be assured that all your assets will remain safe in a secure IRA-approved storage depository.
  • Lear Capital stores all precious metals in the vault at Delaware Depositor to ensure it complies with the strict guidelines the Internal Revenue Service laid down.
  • If by any chance, someone damages or steals your precious metals, Lear Capital stands liable. The company will take care of your investment account as best as it ensures all precious metals dealings. By any chance, if the company storage facility experiences a security issue, Lear Capital will safeguard the same as per the insurance policies taken by its clients.
  • Lear Capital partners always make it a point to ensure that the clients do not incur any penalties when moving funds. However, you may risk certain liabilities as a customer, such as if your check does not reach the IRA in 60 days or if you fail to follow the 60-day rollover period.
  • Most individuals cannot understand the ins and outs of opening and maintaining an IRA without professional assistance. But that's not the case at Lear Capital, where its partners will be there for you every step of the way.
  • It takes just 24 hours to open an IRA account with Lear Capital, and fund transfer takes five business days, all thanks to the company staff.
  • Speaking of the payment to open an IRA account at Lear Capital, it is next to nothing. You need to pay a minimal amount to open an IRA account.
  • Lear Capital also helps you check your investment performance with online support available 24/7 for all concerns.
  • Lear Capital also offers several perks and promotions to its clients. The company enables its customers to get bonus coins on making their first purchases. Clients signing up for their Lear Advantage IRA get a free Gold and Silver Guide and a free silver coin.


No other company serving the precious metals investment sector has earned good customer reviews like Lear Capital. The company has secured a triple-A rating from Consumer Alliance, and its precious evaluations for the help of its clients are available completely free of cost. The company also offers quarterly and monthly portfolio tracking services, even on precious metals bought from other companies. The company professionals also offer skilled estimates for consignments and auctions.

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