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How Do You Communicate Better with
a Personal Injury Law Attorney?

Personal Injury Law Attorney

Despite a lot of commentary to the contrary, the number of personal injury lawsuits dropped off in recent years. Despite this reduction, though, many people must use the legal system for help with personal injuries. That means you need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury suits.

Of course, getting a personal injury lawyer is just one step on the road to a settlement or a trial. Another key step is that you must communicate with your personal injury law attorney. How well you communicate with your lawyer can make a huge difference in how your lawsuit plays out.

So, what can you do that will improve your communication with your lawyer?

Discuss Communication

Before you settle on a lawyer for your personal injury or workers compensation lawsuit, talk with them about communication. Ask them about what they prefer. Some lawyers will prefer calls or emails, while others will prefer face-to-face communication.

Knowing this will let you communicate in a way that's likely to get a response. It also tells you how you should expect communication from them. If face-to-face communication matters a lot to you, you need to find a lawyer who prefers that as well.

Be Honest

Let's say you settle on an attorney from When you talk with them, don't keep information to yourself.

Your lawyer must work with the information you provide. If you hide things that you think will make you look bad, you can actually cripple your own case.

The opposing lawyer will bring up those facts, likely while you testify. That will blindside your lawyer and make you look less sympathetic to any jury.

Providing all the details lets the lawyer prepare a good defense for anything you did that may make you look bad. It also means they can undermine the other lawyer's argument as soon as they make it.

Get Clear About What You Want

After an injury, some people just want the financial means to make things right. That may mean covering medical costs and lost wages. Depending on who is on the other side of the case, you may get that in a settlement.

Other people want their day in court so they can see their personal injury lawyer in action or expose a company as doing shady things. You must tell your lawyer what it is that you want to see happen. If you don't, you may get a trial when all you wanted was a settlement.

Good Communication with Your Personal Injury Law Attorney Starts with You

When it comes to communication with your personal injury law attorney, you must do your part. That means talking with them about how and when you'll communicate.

It also means that you provide as accurate a story as possible. That honesty lets your lawyer prepare the best defense against anything that might make you look bad.

You must also tell the lawyer what you want from the case, so they know what to try to get you.

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