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What are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents in Connecticut?

Truck accidents are scary and truly dangerous. Those who are involved in truck accidents, especially those involving large trucks, can suffer injuries that can lead to lifelong consequences. These injuries can include spinal and brain damage, as well as trauma to the eyes or extremities.

And that makes it essential to hire the right truck accident lawyer in Connecticut. You should schedule a free consultation with a few truck accident lawyers and decide on one that suits you most. The right truck accident lawyer in Connecticut can help you seek fair compensation for the injuries and loss you suffered in the truck collision.

Let us now see into the most common injuries sustained in truck accidents in Connecticut.

  1. Neck injuries

    As you can imagine, a truck that weighs tens of thousands of pounds and is in motion can cause major damage to any individual the truck may crash into. That is why the injuries sustained by truck accident victims are often very severe. Neck injuries are the most common injury in collisions involving trucks due to the great forces involved and because they are often caused by the victim being run over by the vehicle or crushed between it and another object.

  2. Spinal cord injuries

    Another very common injury caused by truck accidents is spinal cord damage. This may happen when the truck runs over a person's lower body and breaks their spine. It is also possible for someone to sustain a spinal cord injury in a truck accident when they are pinned between heavy objects and suffer trauma to their spinal cord as a result.

  3. Concussion

    Another very common injury in truck accidents is concussion or brain damage. When a person is hit by a large truck, the impact can cause the brain to slam against the skull, causing damage or even death. Since recovery is never guaranteed even after surviving such an injury, a lot of victims never get their full cognitive functions back.

  4. Fractures

    Fractures occur in truck accidents when there is a lot of force exerted on the victim's limbs, causing bones to break. This can often happen when the victim is hit by the truck or pinned between the truck and another object. Truck accidents can also cause victims to suffer fractures when they are crushed by the truck and the force exerted on their body causes them to suffer breaks in their bones.

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