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The California Injury Lawyers of Shouse Law Group

Philips CPAP machines are quite popular. They have been used widely by millions for many years to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea. However, as the use of these machines continues to grow, a new problem has arisen: lawsuits involving sleep apnea symptoms caused by using the CPAP machines. It seems that some Philips CPAP machines are causing more sleep problems than they solve. 

A lawsuit for these dangerous products is being filed by many in the United States, including law firms like Shouse Law Group, who assert that Philips should have warned about the risk of such a machine when buying them. The company had not done anything wrong, according to the complaint, until it became aware that certain models were dangerous. For example, when a dealer told a customer that he could get a discount on a Philips CPAP, but that the warranty would be void if the machine were broken or damaged, Philips is being accused of being negligent in the way they addressed, or didn’t address, the issues around their CPAP machines and continued to sell them to many customers in the United States.

Serious criminal charges against company

In the case of a defective machine, the attorney believes that the company did not care enough about safety to warn the public. The complaint also claims that the company advertised discounts on its CPAP unit to entice people into buying it. If convicted of both counts, Philips faces serious criminal charges.

Another group that the shouse law group is representing is the American Association of Criminal Defense lawyers. Lawyers from this group often travel to hospitals where patients using CPAP machines are treated. They counsel clients on issues ranging from drug crimes to worker's compensation to the risks of replacement CPAP equipment. The lawyers help clients obtain temporary restraining orders and dismiss criminal charges after employers fail to prove that the machines are needed for work purposes.

Legal representation of the clients

The legal representatives of the shouse law group do not defend all cases with the help of their machinery. Sometimes, they represent clients who have been arrested for disturbing the peace. Other cases involve misrepresentation of symptoms. A former patient said in a deposition that he frequently changed medications to "treat" his symptoms. After being charged with securities fraud, he said he thought the FDA was fair because painkillers are written by prescription doctors and not by an ophthalmologist.

However, there are times when the lawyers of the Shouse Law Group defend those accused of crimes related to the CPAP.

Areas of practice

The lawyers of the Shouse Law Group represent clients with personal injury claims, contract claims, medical malpractice, product liability, and wrongful death claims. All these areas of the law fall under the specialty known as personal injury litigation. This is a specialized area of the criminal defence field governed by a codification of laws contained in the civil code of California. One provision in this code contains a definition of contributory negligence, which refers to the failure of a person to take reasonable care that results in harm or injury being done to another person. This element of negligence is recognized in almost all states and has a central importance in our justice system. If a person is determined to be guilty of contributory negligence, that person will be found guilty and may face a prison term sentence.

The Philips CPAP attorneys of the Shouse Law Group focus their efforts on the defence of claims that are brought against corporations or insurance companies. They often represent clients who have been injured through no fault of their own and who have been accused of engaging in acts that resulted in injuries. A claim brought against a corporation based on negligence may result in substantial penalties, such as fines, or could result in company termination. If you or any loved ones are victims of defective Philips products you can contact 877-504-7750 for free consultation.

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