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Business Productivity Checker:
Can You Do More for Your Business?

Productivity is quite the buzzword as far as business is concerned. Whether you own your own business, or work for someone else, becoming more productive is often important in terms of business longevity. If you and your workforce are productive, your business will run a lot more smoothly. Some people are naturally more productive than others, while some business owners have ingrained better working practices into themselves and their workforce. Here are a few areas of business which can help boost your productivity.

Accountancy and Book Keeping

If you understand the basics and even some of the advanced methodology behind your accounting practice and annual return, it’ll be a whole lot easier, take less time and even save you some money. There are many business owners who prefer to outsource their bookkeeping, but some like to keep the accounts close. If you can spend some time learning about the areas of accountancy you need and utilise, you’ll be able to put together a better set of accounts and ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Take a capital lease for example, do you know the difference between a capital lease or operating lease? Do you know the four tests and their relationship with the generally accepted accounting principles? Knowing these small areas of accountancy can help you get it right. 

Automate as Much as Possible

If you automate, you can spend more time with the business where it needs you. Perhaps you’re brilliant at closing leads and pursuing sales, maybe your strength is in carrying out the actual work you do for your clients. Wherever your specialty lies, if you can do more of it and less of the administrative tasks you’ll be doing better by your business. Some owners like to recruit people into administrative roles which is surely an effective method of work, however, others like to use software for automation. Take the above accountancy example. You could use software like quickbooks to help you out. You might also want to consider a virtual assistant who can divert emails and calls to the right places and look after your calendar for you. Anything that lets you spend more time doing what you do best is time well spent.

Start a Blog on Your Website

Practically all businesses have websites nowadays, but not all websites have a blog. A blog is a brilliant way to pull in more custom. If you write each post in an engaging way, while trying to impart useful knowledge onto the reader, you should eventually rank the articles on Google. This is a passive way to bring in traffic to your website. Once this starts happening, you just need to convert the leads. Writing quality content is hard and you might want to outsource this, but if you sign off well and use it as a sales funnel you could use it as an organic mode of business growth. Usually, you can place the blog in the header or footer menu, or even keep it concealed if you don’t want it on your homepage. 

Get Rest

This applies to you, but also to the others working for your business or those you manage. You need to make time for yourself and for your family. If you can do that, it means when you come back to work, you’ll feel much better rested and fresher. This allows you to properly commit your brain power to work. You won’t feel tired, you won’t feel like you’ve lost out somewhere. There’s a reason that multiple studies are coming back saying workers are just as, or more productive over four days than they are five. Make sure people get decent amounts of rest, if they end up overworked productivity will decrease.

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