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Buy Now Pay Later -
Gives You Freedom to Get It Done

If you are one of the many who is struggling to pay for basic needs like food, utilities, and gas during this time for record high inflation, then chances are you aren’t able to give much thought to taking care of non-emergent needs when it comes to dental or veterinary care. 

Often, when budgets are tight, these kinds of needs fall to the bottom of the priority list, and if an emergency does come up, it can feel like a serious and insurmountable strain on our finances. 

Luckily, in 2022, there is an option available that doesn’t have anything to do with loans, credit cards, interest, or stressful paybacks. 

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is giving individuals the financial freedom they need to tend to their dental needs or the veterinary needs of their pets without feeling the strain of going beyond their budgetary means. 

BNPL is a flat rate that doesn’t change. There are options for paying it back and there’s never any interest or hidden fees. It’s putting the financial power back where it belongs.

Buy Now Pay Later


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