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7 Best Stocks for Day Trading in 2020


Day trading stocks give us the opportunity to earn a huge amount of profit by its price movement and the volume of your investments in a very short time. Mainly two factors work here.

These are- Volatility and Volume. Some people like a huge volume with lower volatility. And others like less volume with huge volatility when they want to buy new stocks. Here we will provide you the information about both criteria.

If you are one of them who wants to invest in day trading, you have come to the best place for you. We have been researching about day trading for a long time.

Now here we will share with you what we found. In this article, we will give you the seven best stocks for day trading. We hope it will be very beneficial to you.

What is day trading?

Before going to the main discussion, we should know about the basic things about day trading. That is why here we are giving you some information about this.

Day trading is mainly the act of buying and selling financial instruments within a day and sometimes even multiple times in a day. Here a small price movement can bring you a huge profit if you can do it perfectly. It can be dangerous if you are new in this sector or you don’t know the tactics of this trading.

There are many different trading markets like stocks, forex trading online, futures, and many others where you can invest.

7 Best Stocks for Day Trading

You will get a lot of stocks for investing in day trading. But all of them are not lucrative. That is why we are giving you the best seven stocks, which are the best for day trading. These stocks are as follows:

Tesla Inc

Most of the peoples know Tesla as a car manufacturer company. But it is much more than that. This company produces sustainable energy resources, batteries, autopilot technologies, and so on. Nowadays, this company is doing very well, and its share value is rising every day. That is why it can be one of your choices to invest your money for day trading.

Zoom Video Communication Inc

In this pandemic situation, the zoom has become a top-rated video conferencing app. Before coming the Covid19 in this world, nobody even knows the name of this zoom app.

If any company become popular, their share price will also be increased. Nowadays, the share price of this company is increasing every day. That is why it is now one of the best day trading stocks. If you want to invest very recently, you can definitely invest in this company.

Netflix Inc

Netflix is the most popular online media streaming platform in the whole world now. But at the same time, a lot of companies starting this kind of business, and that market has become very competitive.

That is why the stock value of Netflix is increasing day by day. If you can predict well, surely you will make huge money if you can be a shareholder of this company.

DocuSign Inc

Digital documents are being essential day by day. That is why a lot of companies, organizations, and individuals need DocuSign applications. In this application, people can negotiate and sign their agreements electrically or virtually.

DocuSign is becoming a very significant app day by day. They are trying to fulfill all the requirements of the users by adding new features in this app.

That is why the share value of this company is increasing day by day. So, you can buy their share for day trading. It will be much profitable.

Stitch Fix Inc

Stitch Fix is like your virtual stylist. It is a service company that helps consumers to find their clothing according to their own choice. The revenue of this company has been increasing for the last two years, and undoubtedly in the future, it will increase more. That is why it can be one of your choices. This company also has a lot of potentials.

Teladoc Health Inc

Teladoc Health provides virtual healthcare services. It can be called as telemedicine. Anyone can take this service from anywhere by using a mobile phone app. People in rural areas don’t get an experienced and specialized doctor when they need them. By using this app, they can get this service. You can buy a share of this company also.


This company makes a high-quality graphics processing unit needed for a gaming system and gaming pc as well. It actually helps other brands to make their device providing their services.

NVIDIA earned a significant amount of profit just before this pandemic covid19. That is why we can say this company can be the best choice for you.

Its stock value is a bit lower now. For this reason, now it’s the perfect time to invest there. It can be an excellent opportunity for day traders.

These are mainly the best day trading stocks. You can invest your money there.

The Bottom Line

Generally, investors always search for a company where they can invest their money, which will grow over the next several years. But you can also increase your money and make a profit overnight by purchasing day trading stocks.

People buy shares at a lower price and sell it to a higher price even on that day by this trading.For getting this huge profit in a very short time, a lot of investors want to invest their money in day trading stocks.

That is why in this article, we have given you the seven best stocks for day trading. You can buy the share of any company we have mentioned here.

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