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5 Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Texas
– Top Rated Bankruptcy Lawyers by John Cavitt

Filing for bankruptcy is a major task. The process involves filling in applications, collecting and submitting documents, and going to court. It is a lot of hassle and hard work.

The best option is to hire a professional to guide and advise you. Bankruptcy lawyers specialize in handling bankruptcy-related matters. They are experts in legal and financial affairs. They are well versed in the intricacies of court proceedings about bankruptcy cases.

It is best to invest in a good bankruptcy lawyer. It might end up resolving your financial woes. 

Five Top Rated Bankruptcy Lawyers in Texas

If you are looking for a top bankruptcy lawyer in Texas then here are the top five picks:

John Cavitt Lawsuit and Litigation Attorney

John Mark Cavitt is a top bankruptcy lawyer in Texas with several years of experience to his name. Well known for passionately representing clients, Mr. Cavitt is an up-and-coming attorney.

Young, energetic, and an ace at his job, John Cavitt is a top pick for bankruptcy proceedings. Having graduated from the prestigious Vermont Law School, John Cavitt has specialized in chapter 7 and 13 court proceedings.

He is an expert in his field and is frequently interviewed for his legal and financial advice. Here is an interview he gave recently.

Mr. Cavitt has successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout his career. He provides sound financial advice so clients are not just able to make bankruptcy filings but improve their financial position.

Jason B. Freeman

A leading attorney specializing in taxation, bankruptcy, white collar, and criminal defense. Jason Freeman is the founder of the Freeman Law PLLC based in Frisco, Texas.

Freeman is CPA (certified public accountant) which means he has a solid financial background. Aside from this, he is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. As a law student Freeman was an editor for the Texas International Law Journal. On top of all this, he secured many scholarships and awards. 

He happens to be the current chairman of the Texas Society of CPAs. He is a dedicated lawyer with an ample understanding of finance.

Jerry Alexander

Jerry is a renowned business litigation lawyer and he specializes in bankruptcy as well as employment and labor issues. He has a lot of experience in handling cases relating to the areas of sports, entertainment, and intellectual property rights.

Part shareholder of Passman and Jones, Mr. Alexander is a leading attorney in Dallas. He is particularly suited for representing corporations when filing for bankruptcy.

Theda Page

Theda Page is a well-established divorce and bankruptcy lawyer. She has a background in working for the legal department of J.C. Penny Inc. 

Ms. Page found her own company, The Page Law firm in 2002 along with her husband. She provides legal counsel and representation, especially in cases of divorce and bankruptcy.

Loc Tang Dang

Loc Dang is a managing partner at Dang Law Group, PLLC which operates out of Austin, Texas.

With a career spanning fourteen years, Loc Dang is one of the top bankruptcy lawyers out there. Mr. Dang specialized in cases involving personal injury claims, immigration law, and personal and corporate bankruptcies.

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