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How to Beat a DUI Case Without Trouble?

DUI Case

DUI (driving under the influence) laws have been around for more than a century. In the United States, DUI laws were formally introduced in 1906. They were created for public safety and prohibit drivers from driving any vehicle under the influence of any intoxicating substance, including but not limited to alcohol. Although these laws were designed to protect the American people, the charges are often murky and can take a toll on your personal and mental health with fines and a driver’s license suspension.

Phoenix DUI lawyers have expertise in litigating DUI cases efficiently and effectively. They know what to look for when conducting an investigation and are often able to find ways for you to beat your DUI charge. For example, the police do not always act legally when making DUI arrests. If this is the case, then your attorney can use the arresting officer’s conduct as a defense in your DUI case. Other ways to beat a DUI case without trouble include the following:

Proving That the BAC Levels Were Inaccurate

Breath analyzers are not always as accurate as they should be. Your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels are often dependent on external factors like gender, BMI, breathing and even red blood counts. It is very common for these devices to give erroneous readings. It is up to your attorney to assess the accuracy of your BAC levels to determine how to best proceed with your case.

Having Diabetes

Are you clinically diagnosed with diabetes? If you answered yes, then you may have an argument explaining why your BAC levels were higher than normal. People who have diabetes and are on a controlled diet can develop a metabolic state called ketosis. It is triggered when your body does not have high levels of carbohydrates. And thus, the ketones are converted to alcohol. This process can hinder your test results and give your attorney enough evidence to support your case.

Stopped Without Probable Cause or Suspicion

DUI convicts are often stopped on the road because of some unusual activity like speeding or aggressively changing lanes. However, some police officers make stops without noticing anything out of the ordinary. If you think the police stopped you without any probable cause or suspicion, then the court may decide in your favor. Your case could be squashed under a motion to suppress evidence by the police. This is one of the most helpful ways that Phoenix DUI lawyers have to dismiss charges.

Blood Alcohol Concentration

BAC charts have a certain behavior defined by Chudnovsky Law. Sometimes, your alcohol levels are low at the time of drinking and gradually rise within 30 minutes. When there is a delay between being pulled over and the BAC test, your levels can rise and reach their maximum limits. This is often seen as an anomaly of the device’s results. In many cases, your DUI case can turn in your favor if you were pulled over by the police and tested later on during your arrest.

Gut Fermentation

Gut fermentation is a medical condition that causes your body to increase intoxicating alcohol levels on its own. It is rare, but this condition can be triggered in the human body if a person ate high carbohydrate foods resulting in high blood sugar. Other reasons for gut fermentation include having Crohn’s disease and short gut syndrome. If you have and can prove either of these medical conditions, then your case could turn in your favor.

There are many ways that your attorney can beat back a DUI charge on your behalf. It is up to you to find the right DUI lawyer who will exhaust all of your options and fight for your legal rights.

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