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Bclub cm: Investigation Uncovers Elusive CC Dump Bin Marketplaces

In the world of cybercrime, credit card fraud is a major concern for both individuals and businesses. With the rise of online shopping and digital transactions, criminals have found new ways to exploit people's financial information. One of the methods used by these criminals is through the use of CC dump bins, which are essentially databases of stolen credit card information. These dump bins are sold on underground marketplaces, making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to track and shut them down. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at one such marketplace,, and how an investigation has uncovered its elusive nature.

Introduction to CC Dump Bins

Credit card dump bins are databases that contain stolen credit card information, such as card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes. These dumps are usually obtained through various methods, including phishing scams, malware attacks, and data breaches. Once a criminal has this information, they can use it to make fraudulent purchases or sell it on underground marketplaces.

The impact of credit card fraud is significant, not only for individuals who may have their personal finances compromised but also for businesses who suffer financial losses due to chargebacks and other fraudulent activities. This has led to an increase in demand for stolen credit card information, which has given rise to numerous underground marketplaces, one of which is Bclub cm.

The Rise of Bclub cm

Bclub cm is an underground marketplace that specializes in selling stolen credit card information. It was first discovered in 2015 and has since grown in popularity among cybercriminals. The marketplace operates on the dark web, making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to track and shut it down.

Bclub cm offers a range of services to its users, including access to stolen credit card information, tutorials on how to use the information, and even customer support. The marketplace also has a rating system for sellers, similar to legitimate online marketplaces, which helps buyers choose the most reliable sellers.

Uncovering the Elusive Nature of Bclub cm

In 2019, a joint investigation by law enforcement agencies from the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands uncovered the elusive nature of Bclub cm. The investigation was initiated after a spike in credit card fraud cases was reported, and Brainsclub cm was identified as the source of the stolen credit card information.

The investigation process involved gathering intelligence from various sources, including online forums and social media platforms. This helped the agencies identify key players in the cybercriminal ecosystem and their tactics. The next step was to infiltrate Bclub cm, which was done by creating undercover accounts and posing as buyers on the marketplace.

Once inside, the investigators were able to gather valuable data on the operations of Bclub cm, including the number of users, the types of stolen credit card information being sold, and the prices. However, the investigation was not without its challenges.

One of the main challenges faced by the investigators was the use of encryption and security measures by Bclub cm. The marketplace used sophisticated encryption techniques to protect its users' identities and transactions, making it difficult for law enforcement to gather evidence. Additionally, the marketplace was primarily operated in Russian, making it challenging for non-Russian speaking investigators to navigate and communicate with sellers.

Another challenge was the evolving tactics of Bclub cm. As soon as the investigators were able to gather enough evidence, the marketplace would change its operations, making it difficult to keep up with their activities. Despite these challenges, the investigation was able to uncover some key findings about Bclub cm.

Key Findings from the Investigation

The investigation revealed that Bclub cm had over 100,000 registered users, with a turnover of millions of dollars per year. The marketplace primarily targeted individuals and businesses in the United States, Europe, and Australia. The stolen credit card information sold on Bclub cm ranged from basic card details to full profiles, which included personal information such as names, addresses, and social security numbers.

The investigation also uncovered that Bclub cm had a strict vetting process for its sellers, ensuring that only trusted and reliable sellers were allowed on the marketplace. This helped maintain the marketplace's reputation and attract more buyers. Additionally, the marketplace offered tutorials and customer support to help buyers use the stolen credit card information without raising suspicion.

The Dark Side of Bclub cm

While Bclub cm may seem like a sophisticated marketplace for cybercriminals, it has a dark side that is often overlooked. The buyers and sellers on Bclub cm are not just individuals looking to make a quick profit; they are part of a larger criminal ecosystem that engages in various illegal activities.

The Buyers and Sellers on Bclub cm

The buyers on Bclub cm are primarily individuals who want to make fraudulent purchases or resell the stolen credit card information for a profit. These buyers come from all over the world and have varying motivations for using Bclub cm. Some may be struggling financially and see this as an easy way to make money, while others may be seasoned cybercriminals looking for new opportunities.

On the other hand, the sellers on Bclub cm are highly skilled individuals who specialize in obtaining and selling stolen credit card information. They often work in organized groups and have a network of connections to obtain the information. These sellers are motivated by financial gain and are constantly looking for ways to improve their techniques and evade law enforcement.

The Cost of Stolen Credit Card Information

The pricing structure on Bclub cm varies depending on the type of stolen credit card information being sold. Basic card details can go for as little as $5, while full profiles with personal information can cost up to $50. However, the impact of this stolen information goes beyond just the monetary value.

Victims of credit card fraud often face a long and tedious process of disputing charges and trying to recover their funds. This can cause significant stress and financial strain on individuals, especially if they are not able to recover their losses. For businesses, credit card fraud can result in chargebacks, loss of reputation, and even legal consequences.

Other Illegal Activities on Bclub cm

Apart from credit card fraud, Bclub cm is also used for other illegal activities, such as the trade of drugs and weapons. The marketplace offers a safe haven for these activities, with its strict security measures and encryption techniques making it difficult for law enforcement to track down the perpetrators.

Additionally, Bclub cm is also used for money laundering, where criminals use the stolen credit card information to make purchases and then resell the items for clean money. This further adds to the complexity of shutting down the marketplace.

Taking Down Bclub cm

After gathering enough evidence, law enforcement agencies were able to take down Bclub cm in 2019. The operation involved cooperation between international agencies, including Europol and the FBI, and was carried out simultaneously in multiple countries.

The takedown of Bclub cm had a significant impact on the cybercriminal ecosystem. It disrupted the operations of not only Bclub cm but also other marketplaces that relied on it for stolen credit card information. This has made it more challenging for cybercriminals to obtain this information and has helped protect potential victims.


The investigation into Bclub cm has shed light on the elusive nature of underground marketplaces that specialize in selling stolen credit card information. These marketplaces operate on the dark web, making it difficult for law enforcement to track and shut them down. However, with the cooperation of international agencies and the use of advanced investigative techniques, Bclub cm was successfully taken down, disrupting the cybercriminal ecosystem and protecting potential victims. While the fight against credit card fraud continues, this investigation serves as a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant and taking necessary precautions to protect our financial information.

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