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Seven Basics You Should Definitely Know
About the Forex Trade


The foreign exchange market, typically known as Forex, is a vast global market that aims for currency sale and buys. The currencies are exchanged from one type to another in Forex trading. Forex trading has profound roots as it is one of the most important trade markets in the world, with daily trade of more than 5 trillion dollars. 

Cryptocurrency is a modern way of dealing with work with the exchange of digital money. This idea is getting popular, and even some Forex brokers are accepting cryptocurrency or bitcoins in Forex trading. Andrew Blumer, a finance professional and founder of Fintech research site CB, finds that the future of Forex trading and cryptocurrency has benefited both mutually and has given a massive rise in the global exchange market. 

Currency trade in pairs:

In Forex trading, the currency always trades in the form of pair. It means two currencies will be involved to exchange. For example, a trader wants to exchange Euros for the US dollar. Each currency of pair has its price, so it tells how much it needed to become equal to one unit of other money. 

Symbols for the currencies:

In Forex trading, you will find various terms or specific symbols allotted to multiple currencies. You must know these coding so that you can easily understand the updates and dealings. For example:

  • CHF is for Swiss France
  • AUD for the Australian dollar
  • CAD for the Canadian dollar
  • JPY for Japanese yen
  • NZD for NewZeland dollar
  • GBP for the British pound

“It takes money to make money”:

It is an old saying which fits perfectly in Forex trading. Beginners when searching about Forex trading and its benefits, they often mislead that it provides you more than 20 times benefit at one time within least duration. In actual, profit depends upon the amount of money that you have spent in Forex trading. Higher the amount you risk in Forex trading, higher will be the profit. 

Specific terminologies:

If you are interested in Forex trading, you must know the terms and language prevailing in Forex trading. To deal with Forex trading and to get involved in it, you must know these. Few of the most commonly used term is listed below, have a look at these:

  • Base currency – alternative names are domestic currency, accounting money. It is the first currency that you add in the Forex pair currency. 

Quote currency – quote currency is the second currency of the paired money. 

  • This currency is also known as the counter currency or secondary currency. 
  • PIP – PIP is the smallest unit or amount of the money that a money exchange can make. 

Along with the terminologies, you must take knowledge of the related procedures in Forex trading like CFD. Andrew at Fintech site CB claims that 74 – 89% of investors lose their money in CFD trading due to lack of its complexities.

Link of the broker with Forex trading:

The role of brokers is undeniable in Forex trading. The brokers are quite helpful in introducing the buyers with the sellers and get a commission in the end. If you are interested in exchanging money through brokers, then you must be careful. It is not just about the broker who must be trustworthy, but the platform also must be reliable. A good broker with a wrong platform and vice versa causes harm. 

Basic trading direction:

Some Forex traders watch weekly as well as daily charts to analyze the primary trading direction. To get an accurate analysis, you must synchronize both these charts then make a decision. To know what time the Forex market opens, check out

Tip for a beginner: 

If you are a beginner, then observing analytics for a long time and using the dummy apps helps you prepare yourself to trade in the global market. These apps are to enhance the knowledge and develop the mindset for trading.

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