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10 Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Attorney
for Your Workers Comp Case

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In 2019, the United States’ private sector reported about 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses.

Luckily, there is workers' compensation to cater for the injuries and the losses incurred. However, getting compensation isn't always smooth, especially if the employer disputes the claim.

Sometimes the process can be too complicated to navigate if you don't have the legal knowledge. You need to hire an attorney to handle the claim on your behalf and ensure you get maximum benefits. If your employer is disputing the claim process, never attempt to represent yourself.

If you're torn between "should I hire an attorney" and representing yourself, here are ten reasons why you may need professional representation.

1. Hire an Attorney to Get Specialized Legal Knowledge

When you suffer an injury, you need all the help and the sympathy you can get. But this is not always the case if you're dealing with insurance representations. No matter your situation, they'll always find ways to give you the minimum amount or deny you the compensation.

On the other hand, you‘ll rarely get similar outcomes if you hire a lawyer to represent you. An attorney has the experience of dealing with insurance companies and will always know how to negotiate. They'll make sure you get maximum compensation and fight any unfair treatment on your behalf.

2. They'll Represent You in Court

Sometimes you may not have the time or the willingness to go to court. Court processes can be intimidating if you're the anxious type. Lawyers can go to court on your behalf for the compensation hearings.

This could be quite a relief if you don't like the courtroom experience. They'll even negotiate better in the courtroom and put all their expertise on the case.

3. Sometimes It's a Requirement

You're required to get a lawyer for you to receive your workers' compensation cash settlement in some states. The lawyer will help you file an Employee's Claim Petition with the respective department of labor. Without a lawyer, you might only end up with one-quarter of what your case is worth.

Since you're suing your employer for the injuries suffered at work, you need the best workers compensation lawyers by your side. This way, you can get all the benefits you're entitled to under the law.

4. Hire an Attorney If You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or have suffered an injury before, don't represent yourself in a workers' compensation claim. Your condition will expose you to a tough tussle with the insurance company, which you may not win without legal knowledge.

The insurance company is likely to blame your injury on your pre-existing condition in a bid to dispute your claim. It’s even worse if your injury has developed over time.

On the other hand, an attorney will know your rights in this situation and fight tooth and nail till you get compensated.

5. An Attorney Knows the Proper Time to File a Claim

Filing your workers' insurance report and the claim has a given duration. The first thing to note is that you have to report the injury immediately and get medical treatment.

Your employer may be too reluctant to take you to the hospital after such incidences. You, therefore, need an attorney to intervene and help you secure treatment as soon as possible.

You need a doctor to diagnose the extent of your injuries before you can file the claim. The longer you wait, the slimmer your chances of getting compensated become.

6. Hire an Attorney to Get the Highest Impairment Rating

When you get maximum medical improvement or have completed two years since you stopped going to work, you're entitled to an impairment rating. The impairment rating ranges from 0-100 percent. Every percentage you receive gets you more benefits.

Higher impairment ratings mean you'll get more benefits. But if you don't work with an attorney, getting high ratings will not be easy.

The insurance company might liaise with their doctors to give you low ratings to reduce the benefits. However, with an attorney, you’ll get proper evaluation and a fair rating.

7. You Receive Government Benefits

If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI), it may reduce your chances of getting workers’ compensation. But you can't allow worker's compensation to affect your SSDI significantly, hence the need for intervention by social security lawyers Seattle.

Even if your benefits are going to reduce in the long run, a lawyer can see that it doesn't reduce by huge margins. A lawyer can also help you set aside part of your workers' comp benefits to cater to any medical treatment you may need in the future.

8. A Lawyer Secures Your Future Needs

Winning the workers' comp case should not be the end of it. You may still need some help in the future, especially for medical care. Without an attorney, the insurance company may trick you into receiving a one-time payment.

An attorney will help intervene on your behalf for Social Security Disability compensation, Medicare, or medical benefits. They'll ensure you get all the benefits you need until you're fully recovered.

9. You Have Two Cases to File

This situation mostly occurs in cases where you need to build a third party liability case. This happens if you get physically injured by a co-worker, and you need to file a claim against them.

Your lawyer will help you through the civil lawsuit process and still fight for your workers' compensation. They'll know if you have a strong case to pursue and advise you accordingly.

10. No Upfront Payment

Some people fear seeking the services of an attorney because they don't have the money. The good news about workers' compensation cases is that there's no upfront payment. The attorney gets a portion of your payment after the settlement or is awarded separately.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

The only way to get befitting worker’s compensation is through a lawyer. No matter how small your case may seem, you need to hire an attorney to help you win maximum compensation. An attorney doesn't only represent you but gives you the best legal advice.

Need more legal advice? Continue connecting with us on this site and get all the expert advice that you need.

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