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3 Areas That Criminal Attorneys Specialize In

A criminal attorney will act as an advocate for the accused in criminal cases. They have the responsibility of protecting the interests of their client. Clients risk a judgement going against them when they are brought before court as a defendant, and it is for the attorney to do their best to prevent a guilty verdict, when “not guilty” is pleaded, and to lessen the severity of any sentence imposed upon their client when it is. Criminal convictions are life changing and this is where an attorney will earn their money in making sure that a client’s life remains as uninterrupted and comfortable from now onwards as possible.

This article will explore 3 different areas where a criminal attorney may be needed.

Crimes Against People

These kinds of crimes include murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. Armed robbery existing as the most serious kind of robbery.

In the public’s mind, crimes against people are considered the worst kinds of crimes and therefore those where there is the most reputation to lose. The publicity that tried to have them convicted needs to be changed to them having been found guilty, for their standing in the community to be maintained. If not then innocent, as many mitigating factors as possible to have come out from their trial for the community to not consider them the worst kind of bad egg.That way, they may return with their head held some distance above their shoulders. This might seem like an extreme analogy, but reputations are hard to win back once lost. In addition, the financial impact on losing a job and income can be financially devastating on the family that is left to cope. So, it represents money spent well to hire a criminal attorney who has a way with juries, as the decision of guilt will be left with them. Okay, the judge will give guidance, but ultimately it is the majority decision of the jury that will decide on guilt. Then, there is the judge to worry about, and the criminal attorney will do their best to make a crime look like it was almost unpreventable in the eyes of a judge passing sentence.

Crimes Against Property

Property crimes include theft without any bodily harm resulting. That is, burglary, vehicle theft, and arson that does not threaten life. It is a crime to steal another’s property but is not normally done with any malice, other than survival in mind for those below the poverty line. Although, having said that, organised gangs will make a lot of money out of doing it. Where there is money to be made, and jobs are hard to come by, individuals will turn to crime. It can often be peer pressure, too. It need not affect the rest of someone’s life, though, and they should be given that second chance to change their life around. This is where criminal attorneys can help in defending those in court that only ended up in the situation because of necessity and peer pressure. If that were your family member who had just got in with the wrong crowd, you would want to do everything to help them reform, rather than put them into the situation where they were learning new tricks in jail from like-minded criminals. Hiring a good criminal attorney is the first line of defence and a preventative measure.

Crimes Against Morality

Crimes that are against morality are those crimes which are considered victimless but still considered a threat to society. There will often be wrongdoing on both sides, which makes everyone a potential criminal who is involved. This area of the law includes prostitution, illegal gambling, and the use of illegal drugs. In these cases, it can be more of a case of rehabilitation for an offender, and it is for the criminal attorney to argue that in court, so that the defendant may be given that chance to reform. It is likely that those on lower incomes have ended up in prostitution, so to criminalize them for it would seem criminal. This is where criminal attorneys have room to argue a case. In the case of illegal gambling, it can be an addiction that is better treated out in the community than in prison, which a criminal attorney will argue to great effect. If there is no dealing involved in a charge of drug use, then a criminal attorney can argue that the person is merely using it as an escapism to make life seem bearable, despite how wrong it is. People do not always think clearly in that situation. Criminal attorneys will do their best to mitigate circumstances, and it is in their interest to do so because they are measured on their ability to win cases.

So, three areas of the law to think about that are all areas a criminal attorney will be familiar with. It pays to find one that has experience in dealing with a similar case. It may be that they have learned something from that case which can prove useful in their next.

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