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6 Advices From a Top Criminal Law Specialist


Criminal law cases can be taxing and very stressful for someone who has been accused. In the past few years, several human rights organization have raised their voices against law enforcement and judicial bodies who have been aggressive in their prosecution of innocents.

It has been found that on many occasions, innocent people who have spent many years in jail are pronounced as ‘innocent’. The guilty are often overlooked as they have robust legal support to help them come away clean from the case.

If you are someone who is a suspect in any criminal case, or have been accused in a case, you should always take help from the best criminal lawyers you can.

In this article, we are going to share six advice from criminal defense attorney marietta ga. However, before we do, let us look at some of the major advantages of hiring a criminal law specialist.

Benefits of working with an Experienced Criminal Law Attorney

The best criminal lawyers have years of experience dealing with different kinds of cases. They also know how to best protect your interests in the event of a prosecution. By working with the best, you can save a lot of time, effort, energy and money, which is spent fighting a criminal law case.

You need to understand that your safety and security is not important only for yourself, but for your family members as well. If you get wrongly convicted, they can end up suffering as well. This is why a criminal lawyer with the right resources can help you be proven not guilty.

Even if you are guilty, the terms of punishment can be bargained well with the lawyer. You can get a plea bargain, or even get away with paying penalties and community service if you are convicted. The aim is to lessen the sum of punishment meted out to you if you are guilty.

List of 6 Advices from a Top Criminal Law Specialist

  1. Do not Speak to the Police without your Lawyer-

You need to understand that the police can do anything in its power to prove you guilty. This includes using what you have said during the course of normal conversation against you in a court of law. Legal experts suggest that if a police officer confronts you in a criminal case, you should demand that you need a lawyer of your choice to represent you.

  1. You have the Right to Remain Silent (Miranda Law)-

The Miranda Rights protect you from self-testifying in front of an officer. You need to know that if anyone is interrogating you for a crime, which they think you have committed, you can stay calm and request to leave. If an officer says that you can leave, you should. However, if he says that you cannot, he or she has a duty to state the Miranda Rights.

  1. The Officer is out there to Arrest you-

Many times people believe a police officer on duty. They fail to realise that his primary objective is to arrest you, put you in handcuffs and take you to the jail. He or she will then present you in front of a magistrate and push for conviction. An officer cannot reduce your sentencing. This is why you should never trust or say anything to a police officer.

  1. It is important that your Deny Search without a Warrant-

We have all heard stories and reports about police officers planting incriminating evidence during searches. If the officer does not have a search warrant, you should not allow them to search your property or your car, whatever the case may be. A citizen is well within his or her rights to deny the same if the search has not been warranted by a judge.

  1. You should not Lie to a Police Officer-

If you are caught lying, it will push you into a legal mess. This is why the law gives an accused the right to stay silent. This is because lying would be counter-productive to your legal case and will paint a very poor picture of you in front of a judge or a jury. This leads to the charge of giving incorrect information to a legal authority, one that is a serious charge.

  1. Take help from a Legal Expert-

As soon as you feel that you are in trouble, you should get in touch with an experienced criminal lawyer. If you have been taken into custody and do not have the time, then you should ask your family members to send someone over to the jail you are at. It is important that your first speak to your criminal lawyer and then let him or her talk to the police on your behalf.

The Final Word

If you follow the above six tips or advices, you will be in a much better position to walk clean from a criminal accusation. The police are not your friend. If they have arrived at your doorstep, they already have an intention to get you into custody.

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