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The Bridge Between Matter & the Divine

By Shapeshifter

Beneath and beyond linear word structures is vibration, a vast ocean of infinite harmonics; the primal force from which the intersecting light codes that form matter and the holographic structure of our shared reality emanates. We, and all that we experience, are but dancing particle waves, scalar harmonics of frequency interacting. Music, sound, tone, modulation, frequencies and vibration are fundamental elements emerging "beyond" and through the core level subatomic of this level of reality. We are energy beings composed of various frequencies that mesh together to form the matter that we call the human body. A much larger part of who we are exists in the non-visible, etheric realm of energy. What we know to exist in the space of 3D reality also exists in higher octaves of Light. These interpenetrating layers from the physical to the etheric and beyond, reach out into the Universal Oneness and connect us to All That Is - our matrix of Light.

This shapeshifting energy dynamic may be described with words to some extent, but words are limited when it comes to communicating the higher knowledge available throughout this matrix. Sense the tones of feeling, the echoes of emotion behind these word pictures that we paint with the broad brushstrokes of language. Emotion and feeling are the keys to access the treasures of experience, manifestation and wisdom that you seek. Love is the unified carrier wave and your sincere and heartfelt desire will form the Wings of Light that will uplift and unfold to support you on your journey. Music created with the energy and intent to provide the frequency map for you to journey upon, is the next form of channeled information for those who are learning how to integrate the higher vibrations of Light into their lives in a grounded, yet expanded form.

There are many evolutionary artists coming forth at this time representing a new current of energy now emerging on the planet. The new multi-dimensional electronic music that is now manifesting is the carrier for this infinite information. We are not speaking of techno, trance, ambient, new age or any of the other genres of electronica now in the world - although these forms of creative expression are the beginning reflections of the deeper, more mature work that is possible with the emerging technology. Creators of the first wave of electronica on a parallel path that will soon merge into the cyber-shamanic co-creative paradigm. The evolutionary soundscapes that we speak of are being created by old souls who have gained experience and wisdom through many lifetimes and who have incarnated at this key juncture in history to interject this higher vibrational information into the global consciousness through the medium of sound.

As the next wave of music from these channels around the planet are released into the airwaves, new insights will emerge about the true nature and evolutionary possibilities of sound. It is a vessel, a container if you will, to allow your connection and communion with All That Is. It is a resonant key to give you access to that which has been disconnected and hidden away from your conscious experience and awareness. Light is moving into the dark corners of the world, revealing and transforming this energy - the seals are being removed.

The new music now coming through, is not fixated in outmoded patterns. It is a shapeshifting synergy of past, present and future in the point of power that is the eternal present. It exists because it has been called forth from the deepest levels of your reality. It has been birthed by your highest ideals, loftiest goals and most expansive visions. It is a true teacher that does not impose energetic patterns upon you, but simply reflects back to each individual what they truly are and can be. It gives you a tangible flow of high level energy that you can focus your awareness upon. These new sounds will Modulate the Lifewave and will allow you to begin, gently, step by step, to reclaim your co-creative heritage as a 12 DNA strand being. The music is electronic in nature, rather than simply organic/acoustic, for a very important reason. The electronic frequencies include a different range of harmonic overtones than purely acoustic sources can produce. They relay a different spectrum of energetic possibilities than can be conveyed by more traditional instruments. These harmonics fill in and connect the gaps within your energetic matrix so that you may link back up to the Source through your vehicle of manifestation, the Body Temple. It assists in completing the multi-faceted tapestry that is YOU.

Honor your vehicle of flesh and bone, of nerve and sinew; for it is the miracle of your soul expression on this level of reality. You are here to manifest a new unlimited multidimensional focus within form, not simply to learn lessons by incarnating through countless lifetimes of co-dependant interpersonal relations, dramas and scenarios. On one level, these cycles of existence have their own intrinsic validation. When you realize the dynamics of this game, the possibility will then exist to go deeper, to go beyond and experience with a balance of grateful humility, compassion and joyful empowerment, your existence as an unfolding, growing, work of art continually in progress.

The first step of this next initiation will occur when you, with intent, truly decide to drop the remaining baggage, excuses, addictions and co-dependent relationships that consume your life. You know what nourishes you, what uplifts and supports you, what is life affirming and what is not. You know that you are unable to hide behind the excuse that you cannot spend money/energy on that which enhances your path of Light. You know that you do not wish to play out a role no longer suited to you; be it a dysfunctional relationship, a dead end job, eating lower vibrational food, doing what the mass media says you should be doing, etc. Whatever you have to leave behind you will choose to do so, knowing that it's time is done. The Universe will supply you with those people, situations and tools that will support your true path.

As you continue to awaken, you will intuitively gravitate to that which is truly of Light, in alignment with the compass of your heart's desire and soul expression. The energy from the galactic core is "stepping up" on the planet in waves of intensity. You can choose to align with the energy of transformation with your full beingness - body, mind, and spirit or you can continue to try to get by, to avoid your higher good, joy and bliss because you are fearful of change and the challenges that it may bring. Regardless, the planetary shift will occur with or without your active participation. It is better to clean house now, so to speak, than to be evicted! This is true for all of us at this nexus in time, no matter what our level of development.

When you make these changes, you will clear the energy for your highest good to be made manifest. So out with the old and limiting and in with the new. fulfill whatever responsibilities and debts that you feel you must - then take action, for your actions are the most powerful affirmations that you send out to the Universe to confirm your commitment. Let go of doubt and fear. The sooner you decide to do so, the more quickly positive changes will manifest in your lives. There is much support available now, as enough of humanity has transcended the barrier of limiting belief and aligned with the Light.

On the core level of who and what we are, is our DNA, our akashic records. DNA is a bridge between matter and the Divine, the ongoing unfoldment. Take time to consider the miracle of what you are. In the wondrous body human, the "double serpent" DNA strands within the nucleus of each cell, if stretched end to end, would be over 125 billion miles long. This advanced biotechnology contains over a hundred million times as much information as wo/mankind's most sophisticated storage devices. The intent behind DNA Activation Music is to unlock and activate the codex within the DNA through sound and vibration.

There are many stories and myths of these codes, why they are there and a hint of what they might contain. Stories of alien intervention within the history of mankind, of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations now shrouded by the mists of time, far more advanced than our own. There is much that all but the most objective and open-minded scientifics of this world have, in the past, refused to acknowledge. All facets of experience is changing and with the accelerating consciousness on this planet, more expansive information will be revealed. The DNA soundscapes contain information for all teachers to unfold. We are all learning as the multi-timeline, multi-dimensional tale unfolds. If the path is followed with clarity, awareness and intent — then the information channeled through this current is transmitted with the highest energetic signature to assist in our transformation process.

The DNA.LevelOne.Activation soundscapes were created with the intent to connect the multiple worlds within and without into one multidimensional experience - to create a smooth, seamless frequency map to travel upon. Some of the sound patterns in these CDs resonate on some levels with the unique energy matrix that is "you" immediately, while other sections may be a bit more of a challenge to integrate. This is as it should be, as we are activating first level evolutionary codes within the DNA. Evolution, by its very nature, is not always what you expect. This music may seem simple or complex, rhythmic or ambient, alien or divine. We can assure you that it is a reflection and celebration of you, a gift from the deepest levels of who you are, what you need at this stage in your becoming, so go with the flow with a sense of adventure.

Certain resonant frequencies have profound effects on the codes within the DNA, keys that have been waiting for thousands, perhaps millions of years for the right evolutionary sequence to be activated. As a tuning fork generates certain waves in the air creating a certain pitched sound, current synthesizer technology is able to create a full-range harmonic spectrum that Modulates the Lifewave and activates the codes. It is no accident that mankind's electronic sound generating devices have evolved to the point where the resonant vibratory frequencies can be generated to create these evolutionary currents of energy. There is a purpose beyond the learning of lessons as to why humanity has chosen to adapt to and adopt incarnate forms. The secret to this mission, of why we are really here, is in the very heart of matter itself.

The sonic key will fit the lock; the veils will be lifted. As the encoded information is released it will flood the cells with vital energy, raising the vibration of the physical, the energy body and beyond. Those who make the conscious choice, will reach a new level of expression - a new level of the Game. In gentle stages, so the process will integrate with who you are - as much as you can handle and no more. Under your free will and directed by your sincere intent. It's not about ascending, but about fully becoming.

Resonance leads to an implicate higher order. Instead of repairing something that is dis-eased, a more evolved approach is to invoke this higher blueprint, so a more expansive state of spontaneous regeneration can occur. If you want to live an extended life, to youth yourself or become physically immortal, this becomes possible if you can believe at the core level of your being that this is truth. If you seek unlimited abundance and freedom, more flow in your life, to awaken, to be fully alive, to open to more love and enlightened relationships; accept your connection with All That Is, intend these things, accept the wonder of what you are and begin to act with sincere intent. Your active participation is required.

This DNA.LevelOne.Activation Series will begin to prepare you for the more profound stages of the individual and collective evolution yet to be revealed. To integrate the true energy of transformation, you must fully embrace that which you are. Go as far as you choose to go. These enveloping soundscapes were created with the highest intent and an empathic connection to All That Is. These compositions are, therefore, created in a sacred space of being and for the empowerment and enlightenment of all.

Because you each have free will, you always have the choice of how deep you immerse yourself (referring to the aware personality matrix), into the vibrational space these soundscapes create. We are activating a higher level, more integrated energy field not only within your inner being but also in your outer environment as well — into your living space, your place of work - wherever they are plaid.

Consider the positive implications of this information. Harmony, expansion and an increased quotient of Light will uplift your vibration and therefore through resonance, the vibration of those around you and your interaction with the world will flow in increasing harmony. New opportunities will manifest in more attunement to your heart's desires. Synchronistic events will emerge in your ongoing Vision Quest, and you will begin to embrace a life full of wonder every day. Enjoy the Journey!

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