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The Frequencies of Belief

By Shapeshifter

What you believe is what you receive - what you perceive as truth and what you experience as reality. A belief is held or contained within a certain vibratory range of frequencies. Within this range, a common experience of reality can be shared by all that choose to focus their attention on this belief. At one level of a shared reality, a belief exists as a palpable, audio and visual entity. Music, sound, light, color and all of the carrier waves of energy/information throughout the vast spectrum of frequencies that comprise both the tangible and seemingly invisible worlds of sensation and experience are expressions of your personal belief, as well as the collective beliefs that you come to accept as truth. Becoming aware of the reality constructs that are experienced, by being aware of the beliefs attached to your thoughts and actions, serve as a guiding light to progressing on your Evolutionary Path of Light. By observing the beliefs that hold you in negative patterns of experience and raising those beliefs to the next octave of vibration, you begin to experience a more positive reality in your everyday existence. This on-going process is how you build your Light Quotient.

It is not just what you believe you are willing to experience, but how willing and open you are to receiving the energy that you seek. How deeply you are willing to let go into the experience, to trust and take in the expanded frequency range of the new; of the novelty waves now sweeping in cycles through the mass consciousness and the planetary biosphere. The waves of frequency are a multi-faceted spectrum of energy and information. They are, in one sense, a process that is a part of a greater planetary cycle of initiation. This adventure is not being imposed upon humanity, it is a response to the calling that enough of wo/mankind has reached the necessary Light Quotient so that certain events may now occur. These events will manifest in whatever form that we, as individuals and group collectives believe is possible. Each will experience the transition in his or her own unique way. If one chooses the drama of a path of heroic struggle, one will experience such a reality. However, if we begin to see our lives as an artistic expression, we may choose to co-create a new reality in loving communion with the life force that animates us, that is our existence and our being.

This energy cannot ultimately be explained or quantified — it simply IS. When we convey these linear word pictures to you, of dimensions, levels and energy matrixes, we can only show you a snapshot taken of a shapeshifting, ever-evolving process that cannot be contained in a fixed formulaic structure; no matter how profound and expansive that paradigm may seem to be. We share our evolving Mythos with you. Language is a bridge that we still require to communicate with each other, so we will touch upon certain concepts and abstractions briefly within this forum of words. As we write, beneath and beyond, within the spaces between the words you can sense, if you so choose, the energy of loving intent with which we write these words. It is a tangible, living energy that we give to you. Do with it what you will, for the highest good of your Self and all others connected to you. The word pictures are signposts that point the way to a wondrous journey, through and across a vast ocean of sound and vibration; the vessel that carries you is the Holy Grail of your body temple, your spirit within form.

The observable effects of the interaction of this current of particle/wave probabilities within our shared 3D reality manifest as, what can be termed, electromagnetic fluctuations. These pulsing energies effect the spacetime continuum on many different levels, through the intersecting scalar matrixes that form the dimensions in which each individual spark of conscious awareness has its being. These waves are literally affecting the vibratory rate of various densities of matter through all the dimensions. Understand that there are densities of matter in other dimensions beyond what has been termed 3D reality. When these waves of photonic modulated energy pass through the gateway intersection points of the subatomic into the atomic, the electron's orbital path within the atomic structure is, for lack of a better definition, stretched or elongated and they begin to spin at an increased rate. In brief, these pulses of energy oscillate in certain patterns that raise the vibrational rate in minute increments to allow the Light Quotient of matter to increase.

An increase of Light, even if temporarily experienced, allows more information, more intelligence, more connections to activate within the DNA matrixes of all sentient life on the planet. What has been termed inanimate matter — the geophysical structures of Earth and all things created and mutated from these inorganic substances — are also affected, for they have their own form of awareness and interconnectedness with the holistic gestalt of All That Is. We will speak of these things in more detail at another time, and the pattern of connections will emerge.

Living in this free will zone of shared 3D reality, each wo/man has the choice how they react and respond to the accelerating energy. The artificial egoic, fear driven parts of the personality may be allowed to play the dominant role. They will, of course, choose the path of resistance and retreat, which creates dissonance and dis-ease within the physical structure and discord within the life experience as the individual becomes more and more out of synch with the evolutionary current. A feedback loop increases in intensity, the energy of the being literally contracts and becomes more dense. We are sure you can visualize the outcome of this choice. What will happen to those souls and soul groups that decide to follow this course? We believe that there may be some kind of dimensional split that will occur at some point in spacetime, in which those who choose to play a different, more controlling game will be left in another probable reality to continue that cycle of dogma until they are ready to move on. They will make their own choice, of their own volition. Perhaps the nexus of 2012-2017 will be the timing of the transition, as many have stated. At any rate, conscious evolution continues. Shift happens.

We are speaking in riddles, in metaphors, to convey this information to you. For within the medium of words, we can hint through shades of meaning and colors of emotion the frequencies of belief. The deeper you are willing to go, and share, and be, the more you will receive. What will you receive? The keys to your being, the keys to your DNA. Becoming aware of the keys does not mean that you have the intention or personal energy necessary to open the doors to a new way of being. The frequency of your belief, and your desire are what will carry you through; only when you are ready, willing and able to embrace change.

If, however, as has often been said, we choose to go with the flow, synchronicities increase. We begin to align with and actually enjoy the pulsing energy fluctuations instead of feeling scattered, burnt and briefly disoriented by them. We begin to acclimate to increasing levels of Light and of Love. Changes will certainly occur, in our relationships, our finances and our life's path as this reorientation occurs. What ever is lost was never really yours. The more flexible and open you are, the more quickly these limiting patterns will be replaced by joyous, life affirming ones. The Universe loves you, for the Universe, worlds within worlds, was created from Love. That is its true essence, as is yours.

Instead of feeling like time is speeding up (and in a sense, on one level it is), you will move into that space where you surf on the waves of consciousness, and there is all of the time in the Universe. As you begin to embrace the possibility that your wondrous body human can be rejuvenated, that you can embody physical immortality if you so choose, the pressure will lift in the realization that you have an infinite playground to explore the creative aspects of what you, in Light, choose to be — in the Point of Power That Is The Present. This is the Game that we have all agreed to play, throughout the eternity of our existence. You may choose to continue the cycle of death and rebirth, or you may begin to see that certain belief structures have been imposed upon wo/mankind to control, channel and feed off of the emotional energy generated. Again others have spoken of this, as shall we at another time. There is nothing ultimately to fear, for the darkness must be revealed for the transformation to occur. Love and release — All is well.

One step, one initiation at a time; as you are able to hold a more expanded state, you will embody more possibilities within the frequency of your beliefs. You will begin by making new choices, choosing new directions. If the path you are walking does not lead to greater joy, more grounded actions that lead to tangible results, more freedom, more love, more creativity, more flow; then your inner compass of your intuition will guide you to walk another path. You will be rewarded and renewed in countless ways, and in turn, you will reward, nurture and renew others who stimulate, inspire and uplift you. You will redirect your financial resources, the energy of your money, whatever illusory limitations you have placed upon that flow into your higher aspirations for your life and this beautiful world. You will now begin to link up, to join together in acts of wondrous co-creation. You will drop the excuses and pretensions, dear ones as you choose to live, more and more, in this way. The ultimate aspiration is action. As you give of yourselves and to yourselves, without sacrifice, without struggle, enjoying the manifestation of the inflow and outflow and taking an active part in the process, you will become what you truly are - an abundant, loving being of Light and you will know the Way.

Always remember, the Multiverse interacts with you in the way you allow it to, through the gateway of the frequencies of your belief. It is a common misperception that we, as sentient beings of this world called Earth, are the primary creators of our shared reality in that it originates from some inner level of our beingness within 3D. We simply choose to fine tune the direction of our intent, and then perceive our experience, our lives, through that focus. Other dimensional states are also experienced by, and through, a shift in frequency. You may visualize this as a similar process to turning the dial on a radio or television to receive a different station, a different bandwidth. Unlike this one way process, effectively shifting your perceived reality is an interactive, immersive experience. We are all co-creators in that we choose to filter and focus upon certain aspects of the Game of Life. When we reach a certain state of accumulated wisdom and experience, we realize that the boundaries and limitations we experience are largely self-imposed. We begin to stretch our scope of vision about the certain so called immutable facts of our existence — old age, death, the cycle of reincarnation/rebirth and other accepted paradigms of experience.

We can choose to visualize these multi-dimensions, one state of being nested within another as levels within levels. All of our arbitrary conventions of up, down, distance, inward and outward are manifestations of the frequencies, and the frequency (repetition) of our beliefs. Of course, for practical purposes, and focused action within 3D reality, we adopt these conventions in order to play the Game within some sort of equal set of ground rules. We have been entranced and entrained to accept these limitations of the form. These limits are valid constructs and must be respected until we have truly mastered them and then we can begin to transcend them. Only a fool would jump from a building on naive faith alone, without being clear that they had truly mastered the force of gravity in a consistent manner. The paradox is — mastery ultimately does not mean control through force of will, through the manipulation of energy. That path leads to more mazes, conundrums and intricate complications. If you continue to choose to play the game of fantasy and imagination through intellectual stimulation only, you will drain the life force reserves of your present incarnation and will never achieve the wider fields of freedom and bliss that you seek. A more expansive state of freedom will not be possible until we begin to observe the patterns that we are caught up in, whatever they may be and move beyond them by gently choosing and acting upon, with heartfelt feeling and intent, other more life affirming alternatives. Have Patience, practice and persistence.

We offer you a very powerful tool to work with in the DNA.LevelOne.Activation Series soundscapes. The frequencies within these transmissions will assist you in building the smooth, seamless frequency maps that lead you ever onward on your Evolutionary Path of Light. As you increase your Light Quotient, your actualization of the potential reality that you live will be raised to higher and higher levels and you will embody and express the unfolding joy and abundance of those more expansive frequencies of belief. Enjoy the Journey.

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