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A Letter from God

Written through Laura Lynn Scholl December 2002

I have loved you always... I conceived of you before your first creation. You existed before you ever breathed as a human. You are an essence that has existed for trillions of years and many of you more. You are a soul being that has existed for billions of years and lived many lives. You are not just this little human that feels so powerless and separated from my love. This is an illusion that you are playing within. A co-creation that was begun by you and all of your friends and can only be changed by the choices you make. In the large sense by what you collectively choose together.

I am here and I have always been here, but you are theone who carries the magic wand here on Earth. Your thoughts paint the picture. Your hands mold the womb.

You are not the only beings that exist, nor are you the only ones creating upon Earth. There are many others co-creating with you. The elementals, nature spirits, the talon rays of light and the living time holders (wormholes) linking all things together. There are all kinds of parallel creations that are helping in the creation of your subtle experiences. At this time you are the ones that must choose what will ultimately be experienced by all . These next few years are the most important in your history. If you choose to save the Earth and not destroy her and yourselves then you shall be the heroes of many universes, for all is interconnected and will be affected by the choices your generation and next one makes. The question is will men, women and children choose to follow the darkness and fall away or shall they return to their true nature as Children of God and live together harmoniously, abundantly and peacefully? The choice to be made is yours. The thoughts, words and the actions you take will possibly seal the fate of all.

Right now the impact you will have by being embodied is the most imperative to the survival of all on Earth. You and your friends are responsible in so many ways for the survival of Earth and the life upon Her. Earth is a living Being, a wondrous alive Being and earthlings have been misusing and abusing her life-giving energies. This must change. When you poison her, you poison yourself. What you take from her and do not replenish, you take from all, just remember that.

I have always been with you, holding All That Is together for your experience. Allowing all that is chosen to be experienced as a result of the thoughts and actions that take place. Some really wondrous creations have resulted and also some rather horrible in comparison to what I would will for you to create and to have experienced. There is much that I will for you to experience and there is a whole world that awaits your notice that it exists. A new world that can easily emerge if enough people choose to live within its reality awaits all of you. This is the true Earth that exists, and she will emerge when you care for her and birth her gifts within your world. Peoples beliefs and their unintelligent negligence is all that keeps most within the world they are living and now creating. To accept or to create a life of suffering is not too intelligent. Now, to live a life filled with joy and to create peace within you and all around you no matter what the circumstances, now that is brilliant.

You must stop feeding fear, greed and anger. This is from ages old and you are being misused and abused by these energies that you can not see feeding off of you. In turn you have been abusing other life energies. You can take charge and choose to only nourish with love. When you can live life as love, you will begin transforming the world around you and believe me a new world, the true world will emerge. Your true self will live again on Earth and emerge through you, aligned with my love, light and will - touching the lives of others. Transforming and releasing this earth of the hells- fear and evil has produced.

How many times have you listened and followed the hollow demons your mind and your will have produced? How many times have you stood still powerlessly as others stole your life from you, breath by breath, thought by thought and stripped you of nearly all dignity? Many times my friend, many times... will you allow it again?

You laugh through the tears and you numb yourself from all there is to fear. The monsters made by man are out there, and feel so real. Each generation creating the next monster to fear, for some they are heroes to cheer. Depends what the mind decides to adhere to. Belief is a strange benefactor as to what and how you will experience.

This world is a beautiful place and very dear to the heart. Yet, to allow your fellow brother to wallow in sheer delight of the prospect of having the ability to take from all as they might is a sad reality all of you are allowing to be prospected upon the world.

A few men are now using the rest of the population like puppets to destroy all that is life and to take what they will with might. Is might right? We want it, so we will take it. We will make it right. Make it look right.

This is a sad reality that many leaders and people in the right position to do much for others have set up. Now when so many of you are so close to learning, choosing love and peace for the world. Your leaders are making the same mistakes again that will lead not only thousands this time, but millions towards the brink of inhumane treatment and the feelings of tortured and anxiety filled lives.

Man has once again begun to lose his way, following fear instead of Love. It is a sad reality to live within, but millions are now living it's reality. How can any of you say that you are living in modern times? That you are advancing society? If your brother is starving, drinking polluted waters, absorbing poisons that will disfigure his cellular walls and living under life stresses that humiliate his entire beingness; how can you say you are creating a better life? All of you to some extent are now experiencing this as a reality. You must replenish and stop toxifying the land, air and waters.

Are your governments really saving lives? Protecting the people? Making right, the wrongs?

What about the children? The stresses and fears being passed on to them. The poisons and pollution their little bodies are having to assimilate. They are born to live as joy and love, to live in harmony with life around them. To serve as stewards of Earth and for the life upon her. What are you teaching them? Do you know the impact of your words and actions? Are you helping or hindering? Are you peaceful, allowing growth and movement? Are you encouraging?

The feelings of your children is the most important to know and to honor. Without knowing the feelings of the other you have no way of truly communicating and honoring their life. To interact with each other you must honor essence and acknowledge feelings. Each essence carries within it, its own gifts and its own purpose. These need to be built upon not, discouraged or put aside because of parental wishes and desires. Your children have come to this world to save you, to wake you up, to remind you who you are. To awaken your desires, to push you towards creating a more loving and safer world.

Instead of building children up, creating hope and opening the way to fulfill desires in their hearts, society has shown them fearful and discouraging news. Models of disrespect scar a child's innocence and tear away their trust. Opening the way for many tests. How many children have become pessimists, instead of optimists? You are their greatest teacher, it is up to you to give them the opportunities that they need to share their gifts with the world. You are the one who can open doors or shut them. In many ways you are the one creating their first impressions of the world. Stability, love, understanding and trustworthiness are very important for all. These are the main stay of any group or society to flourish. A family unit needs these virtues in order to survive.

In this lifetime all of you have been helping to strip the earth of its natural resources. The blind seem to be leading the blind and even those who can see are not doing enough to bring about the changes needed. Daily people are mishandling and abusing the world around them. All of you are the world and interconnected with all that is, so be careful. Really look at what you are helping to create. What exactly are the repercussions going to be? Is there a better way? You can help re-create the choices being made. That is why you are here.

Copyright 2002 Laura Lynn Scholl
Author of 'In God's Own Words ~ The Book & The Teachings'
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