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Book Review: "Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh" by Richard Salva

In his new book, Richard presents hundreds of similarities in the personalities, characters, and life circumstances of these two American icons: Abraham Lincoln and the aviator Charles Lindburgh. The connections span every aspect of the human condition—from the physical to the mental, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal—and provide convincing evidence that Lincoln reincarnated as Lindbergh.

By drawing parallels to the life and words of Lincoln, the author explains how past-life experiences influenced Lindbergh—thus presenting answers to questions about the aviator that have puzzled historians for decades: such as why Lindbergh fought so hard to prevent America from entering WW II.

More than one out of every five Americans today believes in reincarnation—yet few are aware of how past-life patterns affect them. Soul Journey fills this gap, by offering a vicarious experience of reincarnation. Through clear and persuasive parallels between the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh, the reader discovers how the hidden laws of karma and reincarnation impact the events of his or her daily life.

From the Preface

What happens after we die? Oblivion? Eternity in heaven or hell? An infinite reward or punishment for the finite actions of one brief lifetime? Or is life a school that we attend over and over, learning and growing, receiving an equal and just reward or punishment for our good and bad actions, moving from one grade to the next as we pass through many lifetimes, until we graduate and return to our blissful home in Spirit?

In hope of bringing greater clarity to these questions, and to increase the reader's understanding of how reincarnation and karma work in his or her daily life, I offer this study of one soul's several incarnations. In it, I highlight the connections I perceive between Abraham Lincoln, Charles A. Lindbergh, and the teachings and practices of Himalayan yogis.

A multi-lifetime study of famous subjects has an advantage in that a wealth of information widens the number and type of connections. By reading the past-life ties between famous people, we can learn more about the connections in our own lives, for the principles of reincarnation, if they exist, must function just the same for famous people as they do for us "average Joe"s.

Readers may experience another benefit from this book, for it indirectly addresses the question: How is greatness achieved? One hears stories of historic figures like Abraham Lincoln and wonders how it is possible to become like them. Part Two of this book presents a point-by-point analysis of Lincoln's greatness, and explains how that greatness was gained by a conscious, focused application of spiritual principles acquired in a past life. These principles, listed in this book, are universal and can be adopted by everyone. In fact, even those with no interest in reincarnation can find inspiration and instruction in Part Two.

From Chapter One: Soul Journey
"Abraham Lincoln in a past life had been a yogi in the Himalayas who died with a desire to help bring about racial equality. His birth as Lincoln was for the purpose of fulfilling that desire. He has come back again in the twentieth century as Charles Lindbergh."

This statement was made by Paramhansa Yogananda, a master of yoga and one of the pioneer teachers of meditation in the West (best known for his spiritual classic, "Autobiography of a Yogi"). I first read these words in 1977 when they were published in Swami Kriyananda's autobiography, The Path. Twenty years later they returned to my mind, and I wondered, considering the wealth of historical detail recorded from the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh, what hard evidence existed to support Yogananda's words. I felt that my own, extensive study and practice of the teachings of Himalayan yogis would aid my search.

The results of that search are in this book. I draw hundreds of connections that span every aspect of human individuality, connections that link Abraham Lincoln with Charles Lindbergh and the lifestyle of Himalayan yogis. Not only that, but the connections demonstrate how past lives affect you and me in countless ways on a daily basis, and how we evolve in wisdom as our souls make the journey from lifetime to lifetime.

Was Yogananda right? Was Abraham Lincoln a Himalayan yogi in a past life? And did he return to his beloved America as Charles Lindbergh? I don't ask you to accept what Yogananda said at face value. Read this book, weigh the facts, and make your own judgment.

Richard Salva has studied yoga philosophy and practiced its teachings for thirty years. An author and minister, he has lectured on reincarnation, yoga philosophy, and history in the United States and in Europe. Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh (ISBN: 0977238105) is available for $16.95 in bookstores, through, or by contacting Crystar Press.

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Soul Journey is unlike anything you've read before. Jyotish Novak, author of 'How to Meditate,' says: "Mr. Salva's book brings reincarnation alive." This critically acclaimed book will show you how past lives influence you today. You'll learn...

  • The specific clues that help you uncover your past lives.
  • The step-by-step process for achieving greatness.
  • How karma works, and how to use that knowledge to empower yourself and improve your life experiences.
  • The subconscious prenatal forces that drive you.

Soul Journey will change the way you think, it will revolutionize how you view the world, other people, and yourself. If you would like a clear gateway into thousands of years of wisdom—that reveals some shocking secrets of existence—and teaches you the miraculous power of self-realization, then grab Your Copy of Soul Journey right now.

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