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Steve Fossett is Alive!!

By Dr. Richard Presser

On Labor Day 2007 (USA), September 3, when Steve Fossett disappeared, a lot of people were stunned. How could a guy who has done what Steve has done disappear on a local hop to look for a testing area? How come his emergency beacon didn't go off? It made no sense. And one year on, not a trace has been found. If you are unfamiliar with Steve Fossett, you can check out some of his feats at

I had watched his amazing feats over the years, marvelling at his capacity to test the limits of the envelope in so many, many ways and was saddened by his bizarre ending.

You can imagine, then, my surprise when, on April 16, 2008 I received an email from an acquaintance of mine which included the following...

"Another amazing thing happened yesterday evening! I came across a message by Steve Fossett, who disappeared in 2007, online. After some minutes I wondered how it would be like, living at the other side as Steve now did. And then all of a sudden I felt a new energy, that appeared to be Steve Fossett himself. And guess what he asked me to do? To draw your attention to his channelled information!"

Needless to say, I was a little surprised by this email, although I was already aware of these reported channellings by his friend Jerry Brown. I had read them with interest but had not given them much attention as they were not of any relevance to me - or so I thought.

The following day (my time) I received a second email containing the following: "In addition to my earlier email today, Steve should like you to ask (name deleted) to be the channel for your questions. Obviously he is looking forward to having a means of communication with you."

This had become impossible to ignore, so I began to follow it up. I had no idea what this could be about. I was unable to contact the individual suggested, so I emailed my dear friend and extraordinary channel, Carolyn Evers. Carolyn made contact with Steve.

Some weeks went by and I occasionally asked Carolyn what was happening in her conversation with Steve. Gradually it emerged that he wanted to share with the world what had happened to him. More importantly, he had a message he wanted to share with the world about what was unfolding in our very near future. Steve explains how he disappeared...

"My aircraft with me inside flew into what appeared to be a great light. I know this sounds like some science fiction story, but I had seen these lights in the past and I wanted to investigate. The lights didn't seem to be permanently attached to the Earth, but rather seemed to float down from higher up.

"As I came closer, the light seemed to be behind what appeared to be a mist. Then that is all I remember until I woke up from what appeared to be a sleep and found myself upon a table. Nothing prepared me for this experience.

"I had beings around me and they seemed friendly enough, but definitely not of the Earth variety. They didn't seem quite like what one would think of when they think of extraterrestrials, but rather they were more humanoid-like in appearance, but again they were ethereal and I must say gentle."

He then explains why he wants to communicate with us - "Therefore, I am on a mission of sorts. There is nothing that I can do to come back and since I am here, I am willing to do what I can to help awaken people to not only the pursuits of the military to control the world, but to tell people what lay before them by way of Earth changes and weather changes."

Just days ago, the remnants of his plane were found at about 10,000-foot elevation in the Minaret mountains, smashed into the side of a wooded peak, in pieces so small they couldn't be spotted from the air. However Fossett's body has not been found, only bone fragments that may or may not turn out to be his. The authorities have no explanation for the crash, which was completely out of character for such an experienced pilot who had set 115 world records in aviation and sailing, including being the first to fly alone around the globe without refueling.

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Trained as an engineer, Dr. Richard Presser has worked mainly in sales, marketing and general management in the IT industry. About 15 years ago, he suddenly realized that all the success in the outer world he had been building did nothing for the void he felt inside himself, a void he hadn't acknowledged was there until he realized he had been trying and failing to fill it. So began his spiritual journey, a journey that seemed to have no answers and no end, a journey upon which everything he touched seemed to turn to dust. Until early 2007, when the pieces of the puzzle began to come together. Richard lives in Melbourne, Australia (email).
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