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The End of Time

By Gerald O'Donnell

My dear brothers and sisters, a stupendous event has started since April 2004, where the old Matrix which had been our Thought and Reality construct since eons is being slowly dismantled. Many of its old rigid structures and informational grids are in the process of crumbling down and are moving within very fluid and bendable systems. Its central core is being carefully transmuted and cleansed. This is of course not yet necessarily apparent to most, but it is a reality that all of you will experience in an accelerated fashion during your lifetime and the future of this and many more Creations.

The old constructs are still being witnessed but have been greatly weakened at their core of any durable strength.

The old Matrix has become but a shadow of its former self, with its energy leaking and highly depleted. A new transmuted world is in the making for the ones that will resonate to its vibrations and purpose.

We are entering a phase of Universally Remote Influencing Life (reality) by thought alone in up-to-now unimaginable ways.

Free-will has finally been granted to all the children of the IS for good or for bad. The choice is ours. We are out of bondage, but have yet to adjust and fully comprehend. The restrictive cause-and-effect temporal and distal laws of the old Matrix are being removed. We can influence reality outside of the rigid construct of time and space as far as we can possibly imagine. You are all free, by a decision of the One, but with this freedom comes great responsibilities both on an individual and a group level.

And I need to explain:

Our external reality is by now a highly faithful mirror of our thoughts/being. This is why our world and our leaders are but accurate reflections of whom we have become as a group consciousness.

We need to rejoin the feeling and notion of all being brothers and sisters again: All Children of the One - all precious and Holy Divine Beings. We need to search and unite around the points of commonality which we all carry, and to not ever focus again on what differentiates us. We need to only listen to messages and voices that glorify the unity of all, mankind, nature and Source alike, and should shun voices and messages that emphasize differentiation, separation, and elitism of any sort. We need to become One family again: The Human Family united within and without in the spirit of the Oneness of the One. We need to open our Heart to Infinite Un-conditional Love: The Glue of the Universal Creator.

In the next upcoming months and years everyone will be able to transmute energy within and without by thought alone. Each one will be able to transcend from Bad/Inner darkness to Good/Inner Light, engage in the reverse process, or remain static. Love will be the key to this alchemical operation of transmuting mercurial base tendencies and poisonous thought/behavior processes into Glorious precious and Divine Golden Inner Light. No one is to be judged by his/her prior actions. Everyone is given the opportunity now to be the sole judge and powerful co-creator of his/her own reality as to where he/she wants to operate in the next upcoming phase of Creation.

Divine Un-conditional Love is the force which gifts infinite strength and life, as it bonds all Creation.

This Love vibration is the unification point of all the perceptually differentiated points of Light of the Great Sun (Son). It allows for all the individuated thought processes of The One Infinite Mind to gather great Strength and Joy when they all feel the Unity of Purpose of their glorious Creation and experience henceforth a total avoidance of lack and fear.

This era represents the ultimate test for the One Mind and us, as His reflections within His Creational Dream. We will either focus solely and un-conditionally on the Light that any being across us carries, and project back from our hearts - connected to our root/Source, unconditional Love/Light, or we will fragment into nothingness if we focus on our differences and increase separation.

Our fates are indelibly tied. In the desired case, mankind and its Creator, who form the Oneness of the Creator/Creation, will soon integrate the realization that we are all One: Created, Creator, and Creation. In the worst case scenario we will shift further apart from the Original and only Source of Real energy - The bonding that Unconditional Love Creates, and wither away into total oblivion as we loose the only real energy that animates us: The energy of Life - Divine Unconditional Love.

We will either shift into the Ultimate perception of who we really are: The Godliness, and manifest the Infinite Energy of Oneness and live forever, or we will dissolve into final oblivion, final death, with no possible return, as the totality of the One Mind settles into an non-vibratory mode and cries alone (all One) over the memories of what could have been.

This is why I beg you to only see and energize the good that is across, the positive that is and can wash upon your shores.

You must share everything with glee in your opened hearts and dance at the glorious days ahead.

Even what you perceive as the darkest of the darkest was originally birthed in an act of Divine Love. Otherwise it just could not exist. So please transmute the darkness within by only focusing on the magnificence that you all are. Refuse to put your thoughts, even for a fleeting moment on what separates - on the darkness that focuses on separation.

Open your hearts. Your heart is a receptor and transmitter of the Infinite Energy of Life and Love. Subjugate your mind (original Masculine) to the dictates of your powerful Heart (original Feminine), and not do the reverse as has been sadly the case, up to now.

Beat to the drum of life. Do not be fascinated by gore, death, war and destruction, for without the old Matrix system all your thoughts become powerfully manifested, without restriction, and without filtering construct, from within the infinite soup of quantum possibilities that the One carries and projects.

This is the end of time. We now operate outside of the former construct held by the old Matrix, of what used to be the constant of time, one virtual reality frame after another.

Many of us are experiencing an acceleration of time on some days, and a slowing down of it on others. Many of our students have commented and sent us feedback on what they perceive to be a strange phenomenon relating to the perceptual flow of time.

Many of us are confused and frightened as we view our fractured countries and world.

A great deal of mankind feels an increasing lack of the basic energy of life and is looking outside of itself for solace in the false refuge of medicine, herbal remedies, and/or energy healing.

Anxiety is on the rise. Denial is common place. Escape is commonly sought in recreational drugs, alcohol, sexual sensations, pharmaceutical artificial mood enhancers, and/or invoking some "external force."

More and more of us are starting to perceive that the old familiar rules by which we used to operate do not apply anymore with predictive, exact, and repetitive cause-and-effect regularity. We seem to often get different results as we apply the same causal effect. Many are perplexed, the more aware ones much more than the lesser aware.

Economical structures and rules are becoming increasingly pliable and much less rigid. Scientific facts, taken for granted, are leading now in many seemingly contradictory directions.

Geopolitical and/or military plans and formerly established successful strategies are skewing in unexpected ways.

Long-term planning is very difficult, if we only rely on external causal facts.

Confusion is growing, and un-easiness is spreading.

Many are having the old reflex of taking refuge in past or even ancient paradigms or ways of life, thinking that the modern world is the cause of all ills and that "the proven ways of old" are the cure.

They have not yet perceived that a major Creational shift has happened.

Alas, thinking in old rigid ways, and applying different external causes will still not manifest the desired effects.

Our Remote Viewing Course and especially our more recent Remote Influencing Reality Course were constructed with the intent to prepare as many of you as possible for the "great shift." In taking these you have been made to understand, and integrate the new tools with which mankind must operate from now on. The hope is and was that the transition be effortless and welcomed, as you comprehend, see, expect, and joyfully experience the Glory of this big ascension shift.

Many of you, through our teachings and/or the teachings of others are highly prepared for it. You have deprogrammed from the old rigid thought forms, and cleansed your being, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You will further and easily transit into the New Heavens and Earth.

Sadly enough, a great many have remained unaware and are yet to accept the fact that the ascension of this Creation is taking place as I write these words. Some of them are aware of old prophecies being foretold about this, but are waiting for man-made interpretations which have often been rigidly set forth and hijacked by organizations.

To all, I say: "do not open your mind, your eyes or your ears, but your heart. Feel within your heart, and you will surely know what is, and what to do."

For the ones who already feel and understand the "great ascension shift" engaged, I ask to please tell others, all the others, about it. Embrace them all. Love them as you love yourself, for they are but yourself.

My dear family, since April 2004, all of you, without exception, have been given the ultimate gift: The gift of Creation, the gift of manifesting by the sole power of the direction of your thoughts the probable future that each and every one experiences.

You are about to realize that each and every one of your thoughts is eternal and Creates.

As the mirror images of your Creator, who creates by thought alone, you are now freed from the imposed enslaving thought constructs in which this Creation has existed for eons.

However, with the tumbling of the bars encapsulating your former mental prison (the old matrix system) comes great responsibilities toward yourself and toward all of your brothers and sisters who form the Oneness of the ONE and Only Mind.

Each of your thoughts is now a powerhouse of Creative ability. Nothing can be Created and manifested in the world of the "real" without having had a thought originally attached to it.

Your inner thinking processes is the primary focus you must have from now on.

Monitor your thoughts and only think of beauty, fraternity, happiness, abundance, and harmony for all, and this is what you will experience.

If your thoughts are operating in dissonance, and do not resonate within yourself, and with each other, then disharmony and strife is what you have chosen and will get.

From April 2004 on, the old equations about what and who is right or wrong, and the desire by many of being knights of the Light and right against the Dark and wrong, are self destructive functioning modes, for they focus on what separates, and try to impose points of view upon others, and hence bring more fragmentation and disharmony.

My dear brothers and sisters, as the recent elections in the US, and the world situation has shown recently, we are still trying to remove the cause in order to affect new effects. We are still highly divided, almost like never before, and self-righteously emotional about our points of view, our basic philosophies, and our banners of principles.

This is no coincidence. This is our ultimate test. Please do not try to remove or change external causes, but transmute them by opening your heart to pure unconditional Love and projecting it then to yourself and all others, no matter what they profess, are, or look like.

Accept and love unconditionally all of yourself and yourselves, and the darkness within and without will become transmuted into brilliant Love energy. Watch as that energy puts darkness first ill-at-ease, and then sing praises as you experience how it eventually transmutes it into pure Light and Love Itself.

Do not tolerate another. Instead, Love him or her unconditionally.

Love the enemy within yourself and outside of it, and he/she will change into your brother/sister and best friend.

Nothing can withstand the transmuting affect of the ultimate power: the power of the Essence as the Force that gave birth to all of us and to all of Creation - Unconditional Love, without borders, specific targets, principles, structures, restrictions, and finite dimensions.

This power is the real infinite free power, and you can all draw freely from it and become energized, peaceful, and joyful in the process. As the real Life force that bonds us all, please circulate and magnify it, and we will all benefit from it. You will then influence magnificent realities, the like of which you cannot even fathom.

This is also the end of fate, of karma debt. All predictive mechanisms imbedded within the former matrix, from old divination or astrological programs to modern modeling systems are no longer applicable. We are free. Free of prior unwelcome debts, undesirable contracts etc... This is the way by which we are to operate from now on, and this will manifest soon, even on this plane of reality, if we so Create it by thought.

We Create, each and every day, our next day, thought after thought, minute after minute, individually and collectively so.

You are the Creators of your individual and global realities, all of you. It is in the harmony of Unconditional Love that the power of thoughts becomes manifested, and not in the quantity of individuals thinking or the level of material possessions they have.

This is a quiet revolution of Divine Love, all originating from your inner pulsating source of Life: you inner heart, and if you embrace it, nothing, absolutely nothing, and no one, can stop it from sweeping away the old rigid structures of power, for it will transmute all of them in its wave of Divine Light.

Magnify it, by uniting around it. Carry it in your hearts at all times, and that wave will soon turn into a tsunami that will engulf all within - all nations and cultures - with the spirit of unity and brotherhood. And you will know then that you are all One, and that the One and you are One.

These are the times for which all the great spiritual masters of old have prepared us with their teachings. They taught us to be ready for the glorious day when the keys to the Universe will be finally given to all the children of the IS, with no exception. This day is now upon us. The great shift has begun.

All the children of the IS can all equally find this key of Unconditional Love and Light within their opened hearts vibrating and pulsating in unison around the Love beat symphony of the One Heart (Divine Feminine aspect) of the One and Only, who will then allow for Unconditional Love to merge with, orient, and infuse Its One Mind (Divine Masculine aspect).

And the One and Only will then project back to all of Itself and Its children within (the All that IS) a paradise, the like of which mankind has never known nor experienced ever before in its long travail, leading to lasting peace, brotherhood and Eternal free Life energy.

May Joy and Love rest forever with all of us.

Gerald O'Donnell
Director, Academy of Remote Viewing

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