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The History of a Samurai Sword

One of the deadliest yet at the same time the most elegant weapon in the history of military weapons is a thin and long samurai’s sword. For a warrior, it was one of the most prized possessions, and it held significance above being just a means of livelihood. It was considered a symbol of status for a samurai. A real samurai was recognized by the grace with which he carried his weapon into battle and the strict discipline possessed by him while displaying his swordsmanship. Samurai swords and warriors are closely linked with “Shinto” meaning “the way of gods” in the Japanese culture. 

The Impact of Swords on Japanese Culture

The events that took place in the Japanese culture and history have provided the path that has shaped sword making into the art it is today. In turn, the sword making skill and swordsmanship has had a big influence on the social development of the nation. Due to the high level of patience and discipline required to learn and master this skill, a swordsman in training often finds himself practising Zen Buddhism. It also promotes Shintoism in Japanese culture. 

Swords in Japanese Mythology

Since swords are a big part of the Japanese culture, they are a big part of the Japanese religion as well as their mythologies. Numerous Japanese legends are based around the swords. One such legend brings to light that along with mirrors and jewels, the Japanese sword is one of the three Imperial Icons. According to the legend, the Imperial Icons represent the qualities which any good emperor should own in order to be known as the leader they claim to be.

Modern Day Swords

Swords play an important role in shaping Japanese society, both in the past and in the present. In Japanese culture, they represent various interpretations of their origin and the connection they hold to the spirit world. In the modern-day, the mythology about the origin of a sword an individual chooses to believe and follow as their basis for learning will be the determining factor of the warrior they become. Although in the present world many forms of martial arts are learned as a pastime the individuals who do learn the art of sword fighting and the collectors of these swords respect the Japanese culture and the history of their origins immensely. 

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