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Jesus Is Coming!

By Joseph Ghabi

So far in my life, I have traveled to many places and no matter what country it is I have visited, someone somewhere says "Behold! Jesus is coming!" I think to myself, "and why not?" I feel it is about time that someone comes to make a huge difference in our lives because as we know, the state of our planet these days is not exactly the most desirable of states to exist in.

Each day of our lives, one way or another and whether we see it or not, we are reminded that every event which takes place in our world is a test of our faith and our understanding of the Universe. We seem to have forgotten the essence of our being here and are in dire need of someone, whom in a few words can change our lives for the better. Many people are praying for a Messiah to come along and provide us with the answers we need to help the many Souls who lost and disconnected from the real essence of their being here in the first place.

The reality is that Messiah or not, we have many teachers, guides and inspirational people who share their own truths to help us in our journey of life every day - yet do we really listen? Do we really appreciate the answers that we are already hearing? I am not sure that we do.

Many of us are praying for a Messiah but are you able to specify exactly what it is you want and need from a Messiah? Have you asked yourself to define your expectations of a Messiah? If Jesus Christ came along tomorrow, do you think you would be ready to accept his presence in your life, let alone handle what he had to say?

If the Soul of Jesus Christ were to reincarnate into our world again at this time, do you think he would show up in old robes and sandals? I don't think so; as with any other Soul, he would have to come in a form that was appropriate to blend into our society at this day and age.

This time around, the Soul of Jesus Christ could possibly choose to reincarnate into our world as a woman called Jennifer for example. Do you think you could accept that woman Jennifer as your Messiah? Also, Jennifer could be just 21 years old, yet extremely wise, knowledgeable and enlightened in terms of Universal Awareness; could you handle that young woman being more aware than you are, or might that be a problem for many is us here?

I feel that yes, this would be a difficult situation for many of us to accept because at the present time in many of our societies, women are still considered to be the inferior of the sexes, meaning their words and opinions are of no value to many of the men in those societies. And now, what are we going to do because Jesus is coming, yet no-one knows the form he or she will take?

Is Jesus Christ already back in this world living as your next door neighbor waiting for his/her time to speak up and do the work that he/she was destined to do in this world? Or is Jesus Christ already a world leader, somewhere in our world? How can we ever know?

So who or what do you expect Jesus to be? It is time to be prepared because we keep hearing that Jesus is coming, but we have no idea of his role. Is he coming to help and support one ethnic group over another? Is Jesus interested in war? Is Jesus coming to tell us where we can find some more oil in order that we survive in this planet up to the standards we have become so accustomed to?

Have you ever considered what country Jesus would be born in, or wondered what religion that Soul might choose to belong to this time around? Is Jesus coming for only one group of people, or is he coming to help the masses in all races and religions? Have you even stopped to consider what the real point of his coming would be anyway, and are we really in a state of mind that is ready and willing to handle the change that such a presence would create in our lives. Will you accept Jesus Christ this time around - in the body, race or religion that this Soul decided to incarnate as?

We live in a world where power is the messiah and profit is that messiah's bible and this is the 'religion' that most people eagerly follow. For the masses, life is not about right or wrong, it is about who gets what, when, how and why, regardless of who gets hurt down the way. I am sorry, but that is the truth as I see it. Unfortunately, our world is going nowhere and the majority of people are programmed not to see truth, hear truth, feel truth or even sense or speak truth, they are only programmed to listen to what they are being told by other people who are in positions of power - because when this 'power' speaks, that is the only truth for them.

When the Soul of Jesus Christ returns then he/she is coming to free you from the illusion of this world and to help you listen and begin seeing, feeling and sensing that there is another way of being, a way that can take away all fear, pain, doubt and misery in our lives because we could then sense, hear and see the world from clear eyes and with a liberated sense... and hear for a change and use our common sense, without being so na ve about the world we live in.

Actually, Jesus your messiah is already here. Are you aware of that? The essence of Jesus Christ is in every human heart on this plane. We are all from the same essence, and we find the same divine spark in all beings, whether it is a poor man, homeless women, a bad or wicked person, or a rich and powerful person. We are all from one Source, yet how much do we acknowledge and pay attention to that? Viewing one another as One, no matter who we are and what we do, makes all the difference and this is what it means to view life through compassionate eyes.

YOU are responsible for your choices, actions and decisions in life and that goes for whether they are choices which move you forward or keep you in stagnation. It is time to define what it is you want in your life instead of complaining and dwelling on your past. That is, of course, unless you prefer to remain as a victim who needs other people's approval and sympathy to give your life some meaning and comfort. Victims are dependant on everyone else except themselves and that is a huge limitation. In the end, there are no excuses anymore, it is time to change or stop complaining. You are the only Messiah of your life! So please accept that, accept your power and learn to be happy. I believe you can do it. I believe in the essence of Jesus which resides in your heart and everyone else's, calling you to move forward. Let go of fear and remember your divinity, follow your heart and do it!

Copyright © Joseph Ghabi 2006
Joseph is an avid writer about human life issues. Joseph has also begun writing his first book, Blueprint of Your Soul, which discusses issues in respect of our typical human habits and patterns that we accumulate throughout our lifetime.
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